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Still life photography, if done right, can resemble fine art paintings or perhaps look futuristic and unusual thanks to vibrant colors, lighting, and creative compositions. This genre of photography is challenging because it seems as if it's hard to come up with anything new and fresh that will immediately catch the viewers' attention. I'll share my favorite still life 500px photographers who are incredibly well-versed in this genre! You will also learn that still life photography doesn't have to resemble classical paintings from Dutch and Flemish culture.

On the contrary, many contemporary still life photographers create rather fresh and unusual still life pieces that are closer to abstract art. You can also use natural light sources in your still life photos and create an ethereal look instead of traditional approach of old masters known for darker atmosphere.

If you're having a hard time with your own still life photography, you've come to the right place! Enjoy! These still life photographers with creative vision and new ideas will help you create truly beautiful images.

minimal still life in lively colors
Photo by Garreth Paul

Capturing An Ultimate Still Life Photo: Quick And Super Useful Tips

But before you delve into the world of still life photographers on 500px, I suggest you take a look at our newest article by Valery, a true master of still life photography. Valery is exceptionally good at creating beautifully composed still life shots as well as controlling and shaping light for mind-blowing results.

Besides lighting and composition, Valery also elaborates on the choice of subject (mostly ordinary objects) and different types of still life photography.

1. Bogdan Dreava – Abstract Still Life Photography

abstract still life photography

Bogdan Dreava is a successful Romanian stock photographer who specializes in still life shots. He uses everyday objects such as coffee cups and donuts to create wonderfully abstract stock photos that could even hang in an art gallery. His images feel fresh and vibrant thanks to the careful choice of colors (often complementary ones) and minimal, clean-cut style. “Consistency and knowing when to stop and move on are very important things at the beginning,” Bogdan advises.

2. Antonio Iacobelli – Colorful And Unusual Still Life Images

colorful and unusual still life photography

This creative Italian still life photographer uses vibrant colors similarly to Bogdan Dreava but he also incorporates cool effects such as levitation or high-speed photography. He also uses post-processing in a really clever way. Many of his shots are conceptual or humorous, which is a great approach to make still life photography more impactful! Next time you're shooting still life, think about conveying a certain message. Of course, it doesn't have to be anything serious.

3. Margareth Mp – Traditional Still Life Photography Ideas

traditional still life photography

Margareth is a Brazilian newborn and family photographer who's also passionate about still life photography. Although her profile on 500px doesn't have many followers yet, I was amazed by the quality of her still life images. She uses a more traditional approach and her compositions resemble classical paintings. Her way to use colors and lighting is simply superb! Also, her attention to detail is just unbelievable. Margareth's still life shots are the most sophisticated ones I've seen in a while and she is one of my favorite still life photographers. I hope you'll enjoy her images as much as I do.

4. Dina Belenko – Modern And Classic Still Life Photography Techniques

modern and classic still life techniques

Dina Belenko is a 500px ambassador from Russia. Her still life images are a fascinating cross between modern and traditional approaches. She often sticks to bright or pastel colors but her way to compose images and play with light reveals that she knows a lot about classical lighting setups and compositional rules. Her compositions are often very meticulous, full of tiny details. This is very refreshing since many contemporary still life photographers resort to minimalism.

5. Miki Fujii – Limited Palette Still Life

limited palette still life

Miki Fujii is a Japanese still life photographer who is very particular about the color scheme in her shots. All of her images feature neutral, nude colors, with cool gray undertones. She also often experiments with selective desaturation but in a very subtle way. This makes her still life shots very consistent and sophisticated. On top of that, Miki is also excellent at coming up with very pleasing compositions. If you appreciate the cool color palette in still life photography, you need to check out her profile on 500px! She is also very good when it comes to minimal composition skills.

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