Stranger Things Star Deletes Twitter Account After Becoming Face of Homophobic Meme


One of the hottest shows to come out of Netflix’s stable of company-produced entertainment is the science fiction, 1980s love letter called Stranger Things.

Not only has the show become a veritable sensation but some people largely credit it for the explosion in original media content we have seen recently from decidedly non-media companies such as and television streaming service Hulu.

And, as comes hand in hand with instant success and fame, some of the show’s child stars have found themselves on the comfortable end of some unwanted attention. After all, even as a star, you don’t expect to find your face as the likeness behind a series of memes, let alone those homophobic in nature.

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But that’s just what happened to Millie Bobbie Brown and it got so bad for the child star that she was forced to delete her Twitter account though her Instagram remains active as of press.

These memes apparently grew out of a Twitter hashtag campaign called #TakeDownMillieBobbieBrown and the emergence of these photos during what is considered pride month for many gay people is just another troubling aspect of this thoroughly modern, very sad tale of fame and the Internet. Some of the memes even emerged from LGBTQ people themselves which raises questions of taste and freedom of expression at the same time.

All of this is quite unfortunate for Millie Bobbie Brown as she is an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ rights and is outspoken on social media in favor of such. Some people think this might be part of the reason why she is being lampooned on Twitter. Then again, this is not the first time she was targeted by the media – an earlier relationship with another young star her age garnered what some consider inappropriate media attention given the age of both Millie Bobbie Brown and her boyfriend.

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