This Street Photographer Was Beaten by Fellow Photographers After His Photo of Couple Kissing Went Viral

By Kehl Bayern / September 8, 2018

Part of the magic of street photography is in capturing those small moments in life that perfectly distill some aspect of the human experience.

It is the spontaneity and raw nature of street photographs that make them among the most popular in the world but that doesn’t mean that street photography itself is not without danger.

A photographer in Bangladesh, Jibon Ahmed, recently snapped a photo of a young couple kissing kissing in the rain that soon went viral after he posted it to his Facebook account. A beautiful shot by any stretch of the imagination and the virality of it all probably only made Jibon feel that much more accomplished with his work.

Image via Jibon Ahmed.

Yet apparently some of the photographer’s fellow Bangladeshi countrymen felt the photo was inappropriate. But he wasn’t attacked by some random person on the street or even a religious fanatic. Instead, Jibon Ahmed was attacked and beaten by his fellow photographers at Purboposhchimbd. His boss even made him turn in his ID and laptop.

“They gave me no reason for the assault…I have not taken any legal action because these are my colleagues and I have to work with the same people in [the] future. […] [T]he office gave me no exact reason for firing me. I was just told that I can’t work here anymore,” Jibon told News 18.

As Peta Pixel highlights, Bangladesh is a majority Muslim country and some more conservative members of Bangladeshi society are offended by open displays of affection. One commenter on the photo wrote: “Earlier these things were done in secret. Now they are doing it in broad daylight. The day is not far when they will be making love in public.”

For its part, Purboposhchimbd has responded through editor Khujista Nur-e-Naharin that the publication did not coordinate the attack on Ahmed and “everyone at the editorial level congratulates him for taking this picture.”


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