15 Awesome Street Photography Resources To Get You Out On The Streets


Street Photography and street photography resources have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Despite being so popular, there is still a very heated and steamy debate about what is and what isn't “street photography”. 

Today we want to share with you some pretty great tutorials, books, and videos that you might like to review if you are into street photography, no matter your level of experience. So here are 15 street photography resources to get you started on your own street photography journey. 

Photo by Federico Alegría

7 Ways You Can Help Keep Street Photography Alive

Here Jason D. Little shares some pretty interesting and insightful thoughts on how you can keep street photography alive. Not because it is dying as a genre, no. This post gives you advice on keeping the genre alive inside of you as a photographer.

Hit the Streets with Valérie Jardin

Podcasts are a great thing, and photography has a lot of fantastic podcasts. I still remember the first time I heard Valérie on This Week in Photo. I was totally hooked by her deep passion for street photography. Now she has a podcast of her own which is called “Hit the Streets”. Isn't that an awesome name or what?

Photo by Federico Alegría

The Best Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Street Photography

One of the biggest enemies of street photography is your inner fear. The fear can vary from being scared of getting robbed to being afraid of what people's reaction could be when taking pictures of them. In this short guide, you can find a lot of tips for overcoming that normal fear street photography comes with.

Anti-manual on Street Photography

Alright, I won't lie to you, I decided to mix it up a little with this list of street photography resources and this book hooked me in with its very intriguing and controversial name. But don't let that fool you, this book is an awesome resource for anyone having mixed feelings about starting or continuing their street photography journey. It is really short to read and very fun as well.

The 5 Greatest Challenges of Street Photography

Here, I give you my inner thoughts on what it means to actually be a street photographer. I believe there are 5 main challenges, but dealing with them is part of developing that passion that will push you forward into becoming a better photographer.

Everybody Street

So I thought I'd add a video to this list. This is a documentary film showing the lives and work of some iconic street photographers from New York (popular for its generosity when it comes to street photography) like Bruce Davidson, Mary Ellen Mark, Elliott Erwitt, Ricky Powell and Jamel Shabazz.

About LensCulture and The Winners of the Street Photography Awards 2017

In this post, I talk about the LensCulture’s Street Photography Awards 2017 and my experience in entering. I believe that constructive criticism is an extremely important element in improving the quality of your work and one way to do this is by entering competitions.

Street Photography Magazine

The name is pretty straightforward and should be included in any list of street photography resources. This is a photography magazine about street photography, period. Here you can have the opportunity of showcasing and sharing your work in a very serious way. You'll also find how other street photographers think, what they see, how they create, how they work and how they post process.

Photo by Federico Alegría

3 Important Facts About Street Photography

If you are struggling to define what is and what isn't street photography, then these 3 facts are a great starting point in the discussion and just remember that street photography is about looking for the aesthetics that happen within the ordinary daily life of society.

15 Street Photography Techniques and Tips

Here the sometimes controversial Eric Kim shares some great techniques and tips. It is a valuable resource when thinking about your street photography

A Three-Part Formula For Better Street Photography

Street Photography is extremely satisfying because it is not an easy thing to achieve in terms of aesthetics. Jason D. Little understands the difficulties and his three-part formula for becoming a better street photographer is a must read when you are looking at becoming a better street photographer. 

10 Famous Street Photographers You Should Know

One of the best ways to get inspired in street photography is by watching the work of some of the great masters of street photography. 

Do This With Your Camera for Cool Long Exposure Street Photography

Not everything in street photography has to be perfectly frozen and sharp. Here you can find some really interesting tips for doing great images by using long exposure.

The Candid Frame

Just like Valérie Jardin, Ibarionex Perello has a great podcast, this one is called “The Candid Frame”. You can pick at any episode and you'll have a great time listening to his thoughts and interviews.

5 Practical Tips To Help You Find Your Footing In Street Photography

Last but not least in our wrap up of great street photography resources, here are some really good tips for improving your photography in a practical way.

Street photography is complex, and that is exactly why you can see so many divergent approaches to it.

In the end, the race is always with yourselves, and there is no competition but a strong fraternal sense among street photographers.

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