Successor to Canon 5DS to Feature Resolution Upgrade


How do you beat perfection? Canon would like to show the market how, but is its successor to the 5DS camera up to the task?

Nikon’s latest camera, the D850, has won praise from critics and photographers alike, but the next camera from rival Canon may displace the device to which DxOMark assigned a score of 100.

The much-anticipated followup to the wildly successful Canon 5DS/5DS R model line of cameras is expected to feature a small upgrade in the resolution department according to rumors circulating about the 2018 model on site, which says to not expect more than a 20% increase in the new camera’s resolution upon release.

The Canon EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R Mark II are among the Japanese manufacturers’ most popular makes and their upgrades were expected to reflect their market position as solid, middle-of-the-road devices. Their principal competitor, the Nikon D850 camera, is one of the most well-reviewed cameras of 2017.

Canon EOS 5D via Canon.

Photography Bay says not to expect as much of a leap as that found between Canon’s 5D to 5DS upgrade. Instead, expect at minimum a “20% increase for the already whopping 50.6MP sensor on the 5DS” among other minor, iterative design changes.

Canon’s 5DS upgrade is a direct competitor to Nikon’s recently launched D850 camera. While Canon has the advantage of coming to the market later, the positive reception of the Nikon D850 has threatened to displace it in the hearts of camera critics.

The Nikon D850 was the first DSLR camera to score a perfect 100 on DxOMark’s test and is praised for its image quality, posing a threat to Canon’s 6D Mark II unit, an up market competitor.

Nikon’s strong showing in the DSLR market is why Canon’s successor the to the 5DS is so anticipated – it will either surpass a model that DxOMark gives a score of 100 or it will fall short and become emblematic of Canon’s fall from grace.

Those are not small stakes by any stretch of the imagination.

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Kelly, just want to let you know that getting a 100 on the DxOmark score is not a perfect score as the scoring is not out of a 100. In fact, there is no upper limit and the site specifically says as such. In fact, there have been other cinema grade cameras that have scored above 100 before

no real photogrpahs or photo agency care about dxomarks .. this rantings is just made for bloggers or small shops not for photographs..
For decades Canon has always provided the most solid bodies for professionals and among the best lenses lenses with ‘terrific’ dxomarks.
For example 6D is probably the most advance FF body with a solid Sensor, a unique touchscreen with 3D axis including a unique “Dual Pixel feature” => what are the competitors in 2017 for photos around 2000€ ?
1Dx and 1DxII are the most seen bodies in PC Press with terrific Dxomarks ranking => and A7s should be the best Body for sport if you read Dxomarks and 1Dx 20th => just ridiculous !!!
Keep discernment .. Canon has proved for a long time, that bloggers have no sense about what is necessary for photos.

Although the Nikon D850 may be a remarkable camera.what good is it when you can’t get your hands on it.The back order on this camera is insane. I ordered one September 7th and no one from B&H Or Nikon USA has a clue when it may be delivered.Obviously ,Nikon was unprepared to take care of their customers. I hope Canon will be able to meet it’s customer demands.

Got to stick with the Canon everytime as virtually everything electro mechanical designed and manufactured by Nikon will have issues of some sort or another. Reliability has never been a word in Nikon’s dictionary, they have suffered from breakdowns with their cameras for years, and have found it difficult to hide these days, unlike years ago with the fledgling internet, the would just try and bury the problems and hope they went away – Not anymore Nikon, everyone will find you out, all of your recent product recalls – three times for one particular issue alone. Your unreliable poor quality cameras are out there for all to see!

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