These 22 Images Were Photoshopped – And We Just Don’t Care

Very few of us, as photographers, don’t use Photoshop to do even the most minor of corrections.  Essentially, we’re all Photoshoppers, correcting color, shadow and highlight detail, removing minor skin blemishes and cropping, but these 22 images were all Photoshopped beyond what most wold deem normal corrections.  They aren’t wrong for being ‘shopped, better or […]

Do You Commit These 7 Photoshop Crimes?

For most photographers, Photoshop is one of, if not the primary tool used to make adjustments to digital photos.  It’s their darkroom, allowing creativity and correction for mistakes made in, or uncontrollable situations while shooting.  Additionally, it can be used to black and white, sepia and other color conversions, selective color, blemish removal and removing […]