A Beginner’s Guide to Underwater Portrait Photography

As though taking compelling portraits of people wasn’t hard enough, there has been an explosion of underwater portrait photography spreading across the internet that steps up the challenge even more. Stunning images being created by photographers like Brooke Shaden and Ben Von Wong are inspiring others to test out the waters. Here are some tips for you to get started.

A Guide to Finding the Best Camera for YOU

The process of choosing a camera drives people crazy. Believe it or not, it never used to be so difficult. But as all things do, photography evolved and today, cameras are ubiquitous in our society. In this post, you will find find an overview of the basic types of digital cameras available in the market today, along with their major features, advantages, drawbacks, and a profile of the audience each camera type ostensibly caters to.

10 Useful and Free Android Apps for Photographers

The smartphone is slowly becoming an invaluable tool for a photographer thanks to a growing number of photography apps that make use of its hardware and computing capabilities. There are apps, for both Android and iOS, that add to the picture taking experience on smartphones like apps for camera enhancement, photo editing, and photo sharing. […]