Know Your DSLR Camera: What Do All the Controls Mean?

If you are a new DSLR owner or if you’re seriously considering moving up from a simpler camera to a DSLR, the very sight of a more complex camera might cause you to quiver with fear — all those buttons and dials and indicators. What are they all for? How long will it take to learn how to use them? This post will help you understand what all the buttons and controls on your DSLR camera mean.

A Brief History of Digital Photography

In 1999 I bought my first digital camera, it was an Olympus C2000, a compact camera with zoom lens and a class beating, for the time, 2mp resolution. For the previous 12 years I had been a photographer working on 35mm film, yet despite it’s dire ergonomics, poor image quality and even poorer speed, even then, I could see that digital was going to change the face of photography forever. So where did this road to digital imaging start? Today we will have a look back at a brief timeline in the history of digital imaging.