Take Your UAV Shots to the Next Level with AirMagic – Skylum’s Drone Photography Editing Software


Most of us won’t shy away from adding a good software suite to our editing arsenal, and it seems like the folks over at Skylum know this.

That’s why they’ve decided to show UAV photographers and videographers some love with a dedicated editing software program just for them.

photo by asoggetti
Photo by Asoggetti

Called AirMagic, Skylum’s newest software should be hitting retail in the second quarter of 2019 if all things go according to plan.

Touted as some of the first AI-powered software for drone photography, AirMagic promises, well, literal magic. From what we can tell of the launch trailer, AirMagic looks like it is not only going to make importing and editing your drone-captured photos a cinch but also will help you work a little bit of editing magic with them to boot.

Skylum’s press for AirMagic doesn’t shy away from big promises, either, stating that AirMagic is “Incredible new software dedicated to drone photography is coming soon. Powered by AI and advanced algorithms, AirMagic improves aerial photos without human involvement.”

Of course, Skylum is no stranger to many photographers. As the makers of the Aurora HDR and Luminar 3 software, Skylum is a household name in some circles.

So, why the branching out into drone photography in particular?

While they don’t outline their exact reasons, aside from wanting to provide UAV operators with a more streamlined experience, we can probably guess it has something to do with the fact that drone photography and videography is one of the fastest growing segments of the optics industry. There’s little doubt this growth will continue into the future and Skylum has probably identified a market opportunity in a first-mover advantage play.

Whatever the reasoning, you can be sure that we will keep you updated on AirMagic as more details become available. You can watch the launch trailer here.

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