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What a great week in the wide world of photography!  Toad Hollow Photography has been searching the internet all week for the best links to tutorials, photography and interesting blogs, and this week's list contains a great selection.  We really hope you enjoy viewing the pictures and articles posted here as much as the Toad did in compiling this list.

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How To Quickly Composite Images – master of this genre of image creation Blake Rudis gives us a condensed tutorial on how to perform this style of imagery.  Blake’s brief tutorial is sure to spark the creative juices in anyone interested in this realm.

Screencast – My IR Workflow Tutorial – Scott Wood is a leader in the field of IR photography and in this tutorial post he takes us behind the scenes and shows us how he performs his particular form of magic.  Scott’s work is without peer, and this tutorial is sure to be engaging to everyone, whether you work in the realm of IR or not.

Food For Digital Thought: Using Gesture In Your Photography – a great post from Joe Baraban talks about using natural (and naturally staged) gestures as a means to make imagery more compelling.  This well written piece is accented with a great set of images to get the mind working on this concept.

HDR Interior Photography Tutorial and Great Example Photos – this simple tutorial is accompanied by some great photographs showing the reader how to best leverage HDR technologies for indoor photography.

HDR – 309 Middle Street with Some Pizzaz – HTDS – Mark Neal shares some great tips and tricks for how to post-process natural looking HDR imagery.  Mark discusses some of the finer intricacies involved in the different tools, creating a piece that is sure to give everyone a deeper understanding on how to work in this genre.


21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity – life comes at us at breakneck speed in these times and often it’s too easy to forget what’s truly important.  This highly emotional post will leave you filled with awe and wonder at the natural way that many of us come together to look out for each other.  I guarantee you will love this post.


SGang Gwaay Llnagaay – there is no way to leave this post the same person you were when you found it.  History and heritage is important on so many levels, and finding photographers like my friend Ehpem here who also share this passion concerning maintenance and preservation is a real joy.  This post highlights a not often visited place that is very remote in the area we call home, and is full of great artifacts and history for the people who live here.  The story he casts with both his words and images is sure to leave you with as many questions as answers.

Alberobello and the Trulli – Night – Adam Allegro shares a post so full of great photos you are immediately taken aback hundreds of years in a magical place.  This wonderful little place deep in Italy produces the absolutely perfect setting for Adam and his mastery of photography, and in turn we get to enjoy this post full to the brim of top drawer photographs.

The Greens of Rousham – an exquisite historical garden is the source of this epic post by LensScaper (Andy Hooker).  The gardens of Rousham are world-famous and present the most astounding landscapes to view, and Andy delivers a comprehensive post showcasing this wonderful place.

Central Park Reservoir Infrared – there is something I just can’t put my finger on in terms of my love for IR photography.  Mark Garbowski delivers a real stunning image with this post of the NYC skyline.  There are some really incredible details in this image, sure to be enjoyed by all who visit.

Aurora Borealis over Crater Lake – a beautiful lakescape is accented by the Aurora Borealis in this breathtaking post from Goldpaint Photography.  Epic colors and details in the night sky grace the viewers screen here, making this a true must-see shot in this week’s list.

While a Hummingbird Flies – Lee Brown shares a great shot of a very elusive little bird to photograph.  A beautiful hummingbird finds itself draped in the most perfect light for Lee, who in turn captures and shares this truly captivating photo.

That Wobbly Shack… – Tony Matthews find an old shack so full of great character, it just beckons to be photographed.  As gravity performs its own style of artistic influence on the scene, Tony finds a great composition that brings this dramatic black-and-white to life.

Elk In Estes Park – these critters are mighty cute, and Steve Creek has done a great job in photographing them to share on his blog.  Steve captures a set of images of these elegant animals in various poses and places, and really delivers a compelling piece to view and enjoy.

Elephants in the Mist – a highly emotional monotone scene is presented to the viewer in this great shot.  Jenny Woodward creates a fabulous composite image of these grand animals that  shares a strong expression of her vision.

Happy Flag Day! – great details and textures all emerge as the viewer spends time with this image.  John Sotiriou uses an unique composition to bring the character of this old truck and its personal stylizations to life.

Technicolor Amsterdam – the canals and great heritage architecture of Amsterdam is explored in this great photograph from Jim Nix.  Jim takes us to this beautiful part of the world, and shares an iconic scene that really reflects the true spirit.

cascada by paul bica, on Flickr

Ione’s Green House – Bob Lussier shares a study of an old American homestead that is well on its way to complete collapse.  Bob captures and shares a set of shots that really visually defines the land and its settlement.

Stud Horse Point – a nighttime shoot in Arizona delivers a really stunning photograph to enjoy from the studio of Scott Ackerman.  The beautiful night sky finds an element of drama in the natural rock formation that sits in the foreground.

Orange Blossom Special – some people paint their hot rods in the most amazing colors.  Wayne Frost finds a car painted in the most stunning tone of orange, and in turns creates an image that literally pops out of the monitor of the viewer.

Cape May Warbler – a gorgeous and colorful bird is the subject of this wonderful photograph.  Rob Nopola does a wonderful job in creating this image of a bird not often seen in photography.

Capitol Stars – a gorgeous architectural study is explored in this photograph from Tim Stanley.  Tim’s wonderful photo of the capitol building is sharp and full of great details, sure to delight and amaze all who visit.

HFF – you scratch my back . . . – a shallow depth of focus creates a strong impression in this photograph of two horses by dragonflydreams88.  Great colors and tones accent the natural scene captured here.

Ignis Trigeminus – a delicate leaf if studied here by Aaron Barlow.  His work in the realm of Ingis styled photography is in a realm of its own, and this post features a leaf with great lighting that traces the outlines of this natural artifact.

Sun-kissed – great colors and natural light are explored in this beautiful photo of a flower.  Anita Megyesi shares a shot with a shallow depth of focus that accents great elements of the flower, creating a very compelling piece to view and enjoy.

Chrysler Building – Fuji Superia Film – great details are all brought to life in this fabulous shot from Mark Garbowski.  Mark uses the natural grain in this film based media to bring this iconic architectural study to light.

Mr Fix-It : The Vatican Specialists – a very dramatic black-and-white photo of repair specialists at work in the Vatican is shared in this post from Erik and Kathleen Kerstenbeck.  The sense of motion the Kerstenbecks capture in this picture delivers a sense of tension, resulting in an awesome image to view and enjoy.

Weekend Relaxer #24 – Chris Nitz employs a style of image creation that is without peer.  This black-and-white shot of a beer standing alongside the Incredible Hulk shares a photographic vision by Chris that is guaranteed to delight everyone.

Transit of Venus – June 5, 2012 Clouds, More Clouds and a Spot on the Sun – an interstellar study is shared here by Howard as he displays a series of photos of Venus in various states of view.  This is a highly compelling set, one that gives the viewer a sight of this beautiful planet not typically seen.

The Spectacular Verde Valley of Arizona – the most dramatic clouds accent this historic landscape and help punctuate the natural and inherent drama.  Renée Besta takes us to an important historical site and shares a detailed and mesmerizing series of images.

The Grand Entrance – beautiful architecture and polished details all converge in this epic shot from the studio of Michael Lewis Glover.  This elegant hotel creates a strong visual impression, and Michael does a truly incredible job in bringing this to the viewer.

Waterfall of Certain Doom – Trey Ratcliff delivers a masterpiece in this stunning photograph.  These remote falls are full of incredible drama, and Trey uses his personal skills and talents to bring this epic piece to the world for everyone to enjoy.

I See You – zoos can really create great photography opportunities, and this great shot by Tim Stanley does a great job with this concept.  This particular giraffe is so full of spirit and great character, and Tim in turn captures a shot that is just wonderful to view.

Close – a beautiful and vivid flower delicately poses for Mike Victorino who also shares a personal and scary experience.  We all hope that Mike is feeling much better and that the beauty in the flower picture he posted here is a direct reflection on his health and happiness.

Severalls Asylum – May 2012 – a long abandoned asylum in the UK creates the perfect location for an Urbex exploration.  As a result of this explore, we get a large series of great images that document the weathering and decay evident in this facility, producing a post that is sure to be a source of amazement for all who visit.

Hotel Schwarzeneck – a forgotten hotel greets the visitor in this epic post featuring another Urbex exploration.  It’s been since 1996 that the last real visitor has graced this place, and the natural weathering and decay process is well underway creating the picture-perfect spot for this adventure.

A Man, His Best Friend & Favorite Toy – I am sure there is a song here somewhere about a bright red Corvette, a man and his dog.  This wonderful photo from Wayne Frost brings this icon of American highways to life for all to enjoy.

Cecil’s General Store – a scene full of classic Americana awaits the viewer in this wonderful post from Mark Summerfield.  A heritage building creates the perfect photography subject, and Mark delivers a great architectural study of it.

a little frown.. – a very serious little owl brings a wide smile to all who visit this wonderful photograph from Mark Bridger.  Great details in the tiny owl coupled with a very shallow depth of focus merge to create something absolutely special here.

Saudade – drama, tension, expression, love, sorrow, loss..  all elements captured here in a single frame.  Liat Aharoni creates such a breathtaking piece in this post, it’s guaranteed to mesmerize all who visit and view.

Eastern Market Detroit Photographs – Rod Arroyo takes us along on a bike tour of Detroit and comes away with a great series of photographs to enjoy.  Each image in this post can easily stand on its own, but when taken in as a collection, a grand adventure emerges.

Accidental Lessons Learned – I love happy accidents, like the one that Jerry Denham discusses in this post.  Jerry shares a fabulous series of images of a basketball game in action, and talks a little about the methods used to achieve the results.

Emerald Tranquility – gorgeous, breathtaking scenery is delicately captured and shared in this post from Len Saltiel.  The national parks of the Jasper/Banff area here in Canada are full of great photo opportunities, and in this shot Len comes away with a landscape image of one of the most beautiful lakes we’ve ever seen.

On the Rocks – lighthouses can produce the most striking subjects for photography, and Steven Perlmutter loves to shoot them.  This awesome shot of a historic facility is full of drama and romance, producing a picture that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone who visits.

Yosemite Panoramic #2 – Aaron Barlow takes us to this important park and captures and shares a great black-and-white piece of the beautiful landscape.  This dramatic piece really brings the pure essence of this park to life for everyone to enjoy.

almost may by paul bica, on Flickr

Birth of a Sun – a simplistic morning sun crests the horizon, and the colors literally explode from the frame here.  Metro DC Photography delivers a minimalistic yet top drawer shot of this natural wonder.

Palouse falls – this long exposure image taken high above a waterfall really showcases several great elements.  The beautiful landscape as captured by Vadim Dmitriyev here is accented by the incredibly interesting eddies that form at the base of the waterfall that could only be properly captured and expressed through a long exposure.

Commerce Court North, Toronto – Ren Bostelaar does fabulous work in the genre of candid street photography.  This shot taken in downtown Toronto gives the viewer a great view of this fast moving city.

Mammatus Clouds – an incredible composition is used to capture this very dramatic shot by Rick at Hansrico Photography.  Truly spectacular clouds in the sky deliver the drama and the vanishing point created by a ribbon of highway really makes this scene pop.

Shopkeeper’s Legacy – what an incredible study in history.  Curt Fleenor creates an image of a monument in a cemetery and discusses the person behind it.  Legacies are created over time, and this post really goes to show how the work we do today could at some point in time be very important for future generations.

Ten to Twenty – a profound and poignant piece is displayed here by Len Saltiel of the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.  Len’s incredible photograph brings this storied and historic place to life, and his comments bring a sense of sobriety to an absolutely dramatic setting.

Cecil’s Old Mill – Mark Summerfield takes us inside an old, restored mill.  Great artifacts are present everywhere, and Mark does a wonderful job in creating a truly compelling set of photographs sure to be enjoyed by all who visit.

The Tower – a great photo with wonderful colors and architectural details awaits the viewer in this picture from the studio of Jimi Jones.  This luxury hotel in Las Vegas creates the perfect outline against the bright blue summer skies.

Belchite´s Church – the ruins of an old church stand proud, surrounded by fierce lightning and incredible natural elements at play.  Gus Mercerat captures and shares an epic scene in this image, a true must-see shot in this week’s list.

Robinson’s Arch Courtyard – Edith Levy transports us to a place that is both historic and storied beyond description.  This old archway and courtyard is full of incredible history, and Edith delivers a black-and-white shot of it showcasing a very dramatic and mesmerizing place.

A walk in the rain – a touch of nostalgia combines with a touch of tension in this candid shot taken at what appears to be a train station.  A gentle fog drapes the scene, bringing a further element of drama to the photograph presented here by Dipanjan Mitra.

Sunset Horse ride, Costa Rica – this sunset photograph is a wonderful representation of the power of great silhouettes.  The beautiful colors in the sky that Mark Paulson has captured and shared here is truly accented by the wonderful outlines of the figures on horseback.

Don’t Judge Me – squirrels are awesome; they are full of character, energy and just enough unpredictability to bring something special to a picture.  Aaron Barlow does a wonderful job in bringing this thought to life by capturing a shot of a squirrel going about its squirrelly business.

Boje Posavine – this shot has an absolutely epic set of colors in the sky.  Mato Bičvić delivers a compelling shot of a field of grass with excellent details and tones.

Goodbye – this is a fabulous image, complete with a vanishing horizon, silky smooth waters and great details in the old abandoned boat showcased.  Incredible colors adorn the sky, punctuating a scene full of drama and tension here as created by Fred Concha.

Engine 5 – who knew that a sticker on a fire truck could be so very interesting.  Chris Nitz does a top drawer job exploring this concept, delivering pictures in both color and black-and-white to provide some contrast for his post.

A Rusty Old Ford Truck – old classic vehicles make for great photography studies.  They expose great lines through their body work, and in many cases showcase really fascinating textures and details to take in with their age.  Chris Frailey delivers a great example of this with a rich photo here that is sure to delight and amaze everyone who visits.

Peters Lake – great reflections can cast huge elements of interest into a scene, and Rich McPeek delivers one such image here.  This beautiful landscape and lake can easily stand on their own merits in terms of natural beauty, and when taken in with the fabulous reflection of the lake that Rich has captured here, we’ve got an entrancing shot that will be enjoyed by all.

Stuck On You – Andy Gimino once again risks life and limb to capture that “must see” shot.  This fast moving creek with a single fallen leaf front-and-centre creates the perfect subject for Andy who does a incredible job in capturing and bringing this scene to life.

Sailing in the Sun – the viewer is greeted by a lovely sunburst and terrific silhouettes cast by the strong architecture in this shot from CJ Schmit.  The tones in the sky bring an added element of interest to the scene, combining with the other elements to create a striking image.

From every angle – if you love sports and architecture and are fascinated by feats of incredible engineering you will love this post from Dave DiCello.  Dave takes us on an adrenaline fueled photo-journey taking us along to see all three sports venues in the great city of Pittsburgh.

Old Stav Church – without any doubt, this is one of my personal very favorites in this week’s list.  Magical, mystical, ethereal…  all very descriptive words for the scene presented here by Wim Lassche.  There are no other words that can be used here, all that is left is for you to visit and enjoy.

Circumstance with Method – glorious colors are captured in this wonderful photograph by Gareth Glynn Ash.  A beautiful flower is carefully composed and poses the perfect item for Gareth to capture and share in his post here.

“Blue”, Our annual Lagoon amusement park trip – looking for a way to get away from the house and have a fun time in an amusement park without having to actually leave?  Look no further!  Howard does a truly incredible job of capturing a great series of images using both conventional and HDR techniques to express the sights and sounds of this fun place with everyone who visits.

Palette Painted Yellow – a delicate yellow flower is captured here by Bev, creating a picture that is full of wonderful colors and tones to enjoy.  Elegant details in nature’s beauty are all exposed in this photograph, producing a piece that is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Northern Sea Oats – a lovely and intricate image from the studio of John Mead.  John does a great job of photographing all sorts of natural things of interest we find ourselves surrounded by, and this picture is really a simple yet wonderful image.

Hover Fly Macro – exquisite details in this tiny insect are exposed in this photograph from Kerri Farley.  Kerri’s use of a very shallow and sharp depth of focus brings all the inherent interest in this scene to the viewers screen.


Bohemian Burlesque: The Photography of Le Turk – what might seem bizarre to some quickly entrances the viewer as they take in this great collection of photographs.  Le Turk uses cinematic staged scenes to creates the backdrops for his compelling visions.

Setting up Kilgii Gwaay – this is beyond fascinating.  Local photographer Ehpem finds himself amidst a chance to join an archaeological team as they search for items and artifacts from a civilization believed to be almost 10,700 years old.  Great photographs accent this series, shedding light on a place and time that many have long forgotten.

Weekly photography digest #3 – our list contains a list of lists!  Check out this great digest that highlights some really interesting sites and posts in and out of the world of photography.

Up Close – A Guide to Macro & Close Up Photography – Edith Levy delivers a great brief book review of a publication focusing on macro photography.  Ediths description of the book and its contents leaves the reader with a strong sense of what it is all about, and it really looks like a great book on topic to read.

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