The Great Flickr Purge is Imminent – Download Your Photos Now


The time is almost upon us: Flickr will begin deleting photos over the limit with the deadline to download those and get them off of your account expiring tomorrow.

This is not only the completion of Flickr’s transformation while under new ownership but also the end of an era for many of us.

Image via Flickr.

Long the go-to source for photos, Flickr faltered in the face of tough competition and was eventually overtaken entirely by the image-based social media platform boom.

A new premium service hopes to reverse all of that for Flickr as well as reward longtime customers with some new perks and features.

After all, it takes money to build out new stuff and Flickr is doing their best to do just that.

One thing that many critics of Flickr's past owners have pointed out is that nobody seemed to quite know what to do with the media platform. Languishing under Yahoo's ownership, Flickr became increasingly irrelevant in the professional space as well. Smug Mug's ownership has brought renewed hopes that the service can return to its glory days.

Accounts that have over 1000 photos and are at the free level of membership will have every photo over 1000 deleted and the preference for deletion will begin with the chronologically oldest photos in your collection according to PetaPixel.

To get your pictures, you can download the roll or by album. Either way, you will get a zip file of your photos.

Of course, if you would like to sign up for Flickr’s premium service you can do that.

Beginning at $50 per year if paid all at one – or $6 monthly – Flickr Pro will give you unlimited photo and video storage. Not a bad deal, really.

Have you used Flickr in the past? Will you use Flickr Pro? Let us know about your experiences in the comments.

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Not pro at all. After thinking unlimited and $50, I thought… good distribution platform. Did not read fine print: no files over 200 Mb, no Photoshop files, no Tiffs, Video dumbed down, …. not pro. No obvious restrictions listed in their “get it“ before we boot you campaign

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