“The One Never Seen” Sony Teases All-New Camera Debuting January 26th


Sony’s starting the new year off right with a promise to deliver a camera that we’ve never seen before (whatever that means).

Photo by Rakesh Gohil from Pexels.

Whether that’s marketing hype or reality will be unveiled on the 26th so we won’t have to wait long to see what the company has up their sleeve.

That said, we’ll tell you what we’ve read from the rumor mill so far.

The rumors claim it is a new a9 series camera, PetaPixel reports, though we wonder how that would qualify as something “the one never seen” but we’re open to seeing what goes down.

What that phrase could be referring to, and what would make much more sense in light of that, is some kind of new or novel technology never before seen in a consumer-grade camera.

PetaPixel points out that the new camera could occupy the sports lineup of cameras Sony has made and possibly have features like 50MP and 8K video but likely with internal recording designed to “prevent the overheating issues that plagued the Canon EOS R5.”

As you will recall, that scandal consumed much of our headline space, and Canon’s time, last year. That would make sense that Sony would want to avoid a similar fate for anything it brings to market.

What isn’t surprising about any of this is that Sony is sticking to the plan largely outlined last year in multiple reports; namely, the company is bringing at least two new models to market this year. So far, those rumors seem accurate and those plans are on track. Naturally, we’ll bring you an update on January 26th when Sony finally unveils this new product.

You can watch the unveiling of the new Sony camera at this link.

What do you expect Sony will reveal to the world on January 26th? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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