The Shot on Apple iPhone Macro Challenge’s Top Contenders are Here


Apple has finally revealed the best of the best from their iPhone Macro Challenge and these captures are anything if not absolutely gorgeous.

The home screen of an Apple iPhone 13. Photo by Sameer.
The home screen of an Apple iPhone 13. Photo by Sameer.

Of course, smartphone photography is very different from more traditional methods and Apple highlights this right out of the gate, noting that the iPhone 13 is not only the “most advanced camera system ever in an iPhone” but also “…the first time, users can capture sharp, stunning macro images on the device they carry with them wherever they go — opening up a photographic technique previously reserved for those with specialized camera equipment, to even more people.”

The panel of judges selected ten winners from contestants all over the globe. Winners will have their work featured on Apple’s social media and on billboards and other marketing as is typical with these kinds of contests.

The winners exhibit a range of different themes from the psychedelic sea glass of the Argentinian photographer Guido Cassanelli’s appropriately titled entry, “Sea Glass,” to the transcendental and ephemeral example from Prajwal Chougule of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India titled “Art in Nature” depicting drops of water on an invisible spider’s web.

All of the winners “demonstrate that the beauty of macro photography is its ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, and capture the little things in a big way,” and we happen to agree.

You can check out Apple’s selection of winners for the company’s iPhone Macro Challenge here at this link.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on macro photography and smartphone cameras in the comments. We’d also like to hear about some of your favorite examples of macro photography as well. Be sure to share the photographer’s name and title of the work.

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