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The Simple Beauty of Japan: 24 Serene Images

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Japan is a world of beauty and mystery.  As of late it's known to be the epicenter for all things technological, computer, camera and compact.  The major cities are known for their non-stop activity, all night bars and karaoke and street food vendors.  Aside from the cramped and compact living style in the cities, much of Japan is simply stunning, as seen in these 24 serene images.

Magic Water City [Explored]

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Photo by Sprengben [10 days Sailing Denmark Yeah Baby!!]

Pagoda dreams (IR)

Photo by EugeniusD80

Colorful Garden

Photo by AllenHsu

This is a state of mind

Photo by aurelio.asiain

The Bamboo Forest and some great Twitter Lists to follow

Photo by Stuck in Customs

Matsumoto Castle

Photo by Clint Koehler

Kinakuji Temple (Kyoto, Japan)

Photo by ~MVI~

Bridge to Shomyoji

Photo by -ratamahatta-


Photo by caribb


Photo by the_blue


Photo by alq666


Photo by Silentmind8 pro

Kyoto's not so bad

Photo by barto

Kenryokuen - Ancient Teahouse

Photo by Ame Otoko

Sunset - Mt. Fuji, Japan

Photo by gregor_y

Tomaru Pass

Photo by Christopher Chan

JAPANESE JUNKS -- A Classic, Honored Image of Old Meiji-era Japan

Photo by Okinawa Soba

The only way was straight down...

Photo by ippei + janine

Silent Beach

Photo by ippei + janine

Mt. Fuji.

Photo by skyseeker

Rainbow Fuji

Photo by Starfires

Birds' love gathering at Osaka river, Osaka, Japan

Photo by Sunshine Junior

The Flight of Apollo

Photo by Sprengben [10 days Sailing Denmark Yeah Baby!!]


Photo by bobsuperfoto

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