The Spectacular iPhone Photography School Discount Ends Today

By Rob Wood (Admin) / November 26, 2018

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that phone photography is really taking over the whole industry.

That spells opportunity for any smart photographer.

Opportunity to grow. Opportunity to get better. Opportunity to master a new tool.

And while blogs like this one and other will give you a solid handle on the fundamentals of photography, camera phones have their own special challenges.

And, at the moment, the king of the hill in iPhone photography skills learning is iPhone Photography School.

They dive deep on the applicable traditional aspects of photography like composition and lighting, but where they really shine is getting into the insider info on the restrictions of shooting with phone, great apps for editing and using phone-specific accessories that mean the results border on pro-level.

Their course is producing some amazing results from their students who all seem to love it.

So much so that their normal price to join is close to a staggering $500 (cough, wheeze).

But Cyber Weekend is the silly season.

Emil from IPS has brought that price down a staggering 90%

But it ends with Cyber Monday. That’s today!

So get on it now, because it’s never been this cheap before and I don’t know when it will be again.


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