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The Top 23 Wedding Photos on Flickr

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The most special day of your adult life is also one you always went well documented.  As photographers, we strive to capture the little moments during wedding ceremonies and receptions and help create memories that last lifetimes.  This collection of 23 amazing wedding moments covers the theatrics before during and after the ceremony and during the reception, along with some posed and not-so-posed formal shots.  Wedding photographers are a breed unto themselves and require a unique talent.  Showcased here are some of the best examples from leading wedding photographers.

Chris and Ponzi's Wedding

Photo by kk+

Beach Wedding

Photo by shutupyourface

dance little sister

Photo by katialo

Beach Bouquet Toss

Photo by Extra Medium

Day One Hundred Sixty Nine

Photo by Dustin Diaz

Kelley & Elkins TTD - Explored!!!  Yippie!

Photo by kelly niemann

Tóm du?c r?i >:)

Photo by X.u.k.i

Casamento Daniel & Renata

Photo by Gustavo Vara |

Fifth Avenue (#351)

Photo by Christopher Chan

sweet moments

Photo by Reza Vaziri

Lauren + Andrew

Photo by Corey Ann

friends forever

Photo by angela7dreams

happiest moment

Photo by kalandrakas

There is nothing words can say on this our wedding day

Photo by · 7

Chad and Cara

Photo by blythscott photography

lil' shutterbug

Photo by macwagen

Mariage Marie-Ève et Claude

Photo by JcMaco

just married

Photo by stumayhew

Wedding Elise & Frank 3

Photo by

Day Three Hundred Forty Nine

Photo by Dustin Diaz

Atardecer con Jose y Mar.

Photo by JuanZappa


Photo by Robbert van der Steeg

Fusillade of Fun

Photo by jurvetson

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