These Are the Most Clicked on Photography Stories This Week on Light Stalking


Another wonderful week has gone by in such a dynamic industry – photography! And it’s been another huge one on Light Stalking and other sites. Here are the articles and collections that attracted the most attention.

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Photography Skills and Tutorial Articles

What is the 500 Rule? This article went nuts. If you are into night sky photography, then learning the 500 rule is almost mandatory – and this article shows you what you need to know –

Composing with Color – If you are struggling with finding new and interesting compositions then this is one you will want to read. This is heading into the realm of advanced composition, so take notes.

Why You Should Use Photoshop’s HDR Merge Pro Rather Than Lightroom's Photo Merge – If you’re into post-production, then this will help you make your decision regarding these two useful tools.

Why You Should be Placing Your Subjects Off Center – Another entry into the realm of photographic composition, this article takes you into the depths of subject placement.

Photography Inspiration

66 Striking Images of Black and White Mountains – This collection will make you want to put your hiking boots on and go get some photographs of the great outdoors. x

28 Long Exposure Waterfall Photographs – Another collection for outdoor shooters or those who wish they were!

Photography News

Full Frame Mirrorless Canon Debuting on September 5 – People go a little bit nuts fo gear news and this rumor about Canon coming up with an alternative to Nikon’s new full frame mirrorless camera has caused quite a bit of stir.

31 of the Coolest Photography Links of the Week – This article will show you what is popular on all of the other wonderful photography sites on the internet.

Show Us Your Photos!!

We want to see your shots, so join the community and start sharing! Here are a few challenges from this week.

Weekend Photography Challenge – The Rule of Odds – Show us what you can come up with for this theme!

Mobile Monday Challenge – Think it’s impossible to get a ood photo on a mobile phone? Think again!

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