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We've seen an incredible week in the wide world of photography, and Toad Hollow Photography has been very busy searching online for the best material to share here. This week's monster list is chock full of tutorials, reviews, special features, collections, great photography and interesting blogs. There's something here for everyone, with a wide variety of topics and styles being showcased. We really hope you enjoy viewing these great images and sites as much as the Toad did in bringing them to you.

170/365² Perseguido by anieto2k, on Flickr


A Tutorial on How to Upgrade to the New Lightroom 4 2012 Process Version – Wayne Beauregard delivers a 4 ½ minute video presentation showing the viewer how to upgrade their processes to the latest offered by the new update of Lightroom software.

Dodging, Burning, and HDRing – this is a fabulous, detailed tutorial that takes the reader through the process of automatic dodging and burning in post-processing. Blake Rudis shares detailed tips and tricks, all with screenshots making it super-easy to follow along. This is a huge time saver, and potentially a procedure that can improve the quality of your imagery quite drastically.

Low Light Photography Tips – a brief collection of tips and tricks for shooting in low-light conditions. The post features a great infographic that can be printed out quite easily and brought with you in the field, to serve as a reference card.

Quick Photography Tips from a Seasoned Magazine Photographer – this is a brief, but valuable, series of tips from an industry leader. This great piece written by Joe McNally will take only a moment to read, but the results will last a lifetime.

How To Copy And Paste Develop Settings To Multiple Images In Lightroom – a detailed, step-by-step tutorial created by Andy Gimino that takes the reader through the process of applying the same edits to many images in a set. This great time-saving process is sure to be appreciated by all who use Lightroom as their main tool of choice in post-processing.

Top 10 Easy Tips To Be A Lightroom Rock Star – this concise list of tips will help in taking your image creation to the next level by sharing a few techniques and tricks that can be used in Lightroom to create compelling imagery.

How to Create Dazzling Star Trail Photos, From Start to Finish – this highly detailed tutorial by Richard Gottardo takes the reader through the planning, shooting and post-processing phases of star trail photography. This well-written and detailed piece is sure to add some illumination to this tricky topic, removing many barriers and focusing on the the process and end-results.

Hands-on Photo Tips: How to remove halos in your HDR images – Klaus Herrmann creates and posts another of his fabulous video tutorials, this time with a focus on a common problem that many photographers encounter in the realm of HDR imagery. The topic of halos is something that we all face at some point or another in our work, and this great tutorial shows some very detailed tricks on how to remove these.


Micro Four-thirds – It’s All About the Lenses – Joe Farace gives a brief but detailed post on these emerging technologies. The bridge between DSLR and compact camera is slowly changing over time, with the lines becoming increasingly blurred. Joe’s article discusses how to use these new camera and lens combos to really achieve great photographic results.

Give Your DSLR a Brain by Connecting an Android Phone – I’ve been anxious to get my mitts on a setup just like this. This article does nothing to temper this. What a terrific setup, reviewed in-depth here by Maciej Pietuszynski.

In the Studio with LED Lighting – Joe Farace takes us inside his studio where he discusses the trend of using LED lighting in-studio. It seems that not all lighting systems are created equal, with cost not being the prime impetus for selecting a specific setup. Joe’s great write-up here gives us all some great tips and tricks to use when selecting and using these techniques.


The Asylum By The Lake – a thought-provoking and poignant piece carefully put together here by A.D. Wheeler takes us on an exploration of a now long unused asylum. A.D.’s great post accompanies a comprehensive series of photographs that depict the interesting history that makes up this storied place, and the people who used to call this asylum home.

Russian Photographers Sneak to Top of Great Pyramid and Capture the View – if you check out one link or article in this week’s list, this has to be it! A trio of very brave and talented photographers make their way up to the very top of the pyramids to capture an amazing set of photographs of the vista below at night. This trek could have cost each of them up to 3 years in prison, so this project is something that I truly admire and recommend for everyone to see.

The Mother of All Rooftopping Photos, On Top of the Tallest Building in the World – I’ve got serious vertigo just looking at this! A brief post with one photo and a short description… nothing else is really needed.

Photographing 4 Years Hopping the Rails of America – an absolutely astonishing collection of photographs amassed over four years, as shot by Mike Brodie. This terrific set gives the visitor a chance to see into a not often spoken of lifestyle, full of adventure and some consider romance. No matter your perspective on the activity, this collection is astounding, well worth the time to visit.

Ogden Point Timelapse – time lapse imagery is highly compelling, if done well. It gives the viewer a chance to see a scene, consuming massive amounts of time in a few brief seconds or minutes. Local photographer Ehpem takes us to the famous breakwater here in Victoria, where he captures a beautiful sunset with the pier in the foreground, producing a really compelling piece.

Skiing the Vallée Blanche – let’s all join Andy Hooker (LensScaper) at the very top of the world in this very comprehensive blog post featuring a large collection of photographs taken high up in the mountains. Incredible landscapes and terrific writing converge in this post to create a special feature that will be of interest to avid skiers and photography buffs alike.

The Phoblographer’s Checklist on How to Not Kill Yourself in a Photo Studio – a comprehensive list by Sander-Martijn outlines some of the obvious and not-so-obvious dangers that exist in a studio environment. Especially useful for those just getting into this type of photography, this comprehensive list is sure to be of interest to all who practice studio work.

Lighting Diagram Creator Lets You Easily Save and Share Your Light Setups Online – a fabulous online tool for those who need or like to create detailed diagrams of lighting setups. This powerful, but easy to use, tool exports the output to various file formats, making it easy to share and distribute the created diagrams.


10 Stunning Photos of Open Spaces by Scott Ackerman – Scott Ackerman is well-known for his incredible, moody outdoor photographs. This collection of his pieces brings together a cohesive selection of shots that exhibit the feeling of open space. A terrific set.

The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever – the title says it all, but actually fails to capture the enormity of this collection. Each selected piece tells a different story, one that was truly fleeting, and the photographer's ability to freeze it in space and time is both astounding and a wonderful treasure shared in posts like this.

40 Stunning Photographs of Serene Sunsets – just as advertised, this collection of photographs features a wide variety of places and subjects, all shot just as the sun is setting. Beautiful natural colors work with the many subjects displayed here to create truly compelling and unique pieces.


Terrifying Volcanic Lightning Photographed by Martin Rietze – as all hell breaks loose right around him, Martin Rietze remains stalwart and comes away with an absolutely jaw-dropping series of photographs taken right alongside an active volcano. To add an element of interest here, not that it needed it at all, an incredible lightning storm comes to life in the middle of the lava storm, creating a scene that resembles something from another planet entirely. We’d never have a chance to see this if not for the wonderful craft of photography.

Stunning footage of lynx staring into Banff window – super rare photographs and video of a very reclusive pair of Lynx cats in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The images and video are absolutely captivating, giving the viewer a glimpse into the personality and character of a very rarely seen creature in the wild.

A Question of Expressiveness – great candid photography can produce absolutely striking results, as exemplified in this great picture by Mark Garbowski. A pair of gentlemen riding a subway are caught in time in this great frame. A picture that defines artistic tension, leaving the viewer both satisfied and wanting for more.
troubled by marco monetti, on Flickr

Your Own Personal Travel Day – a jaw-dropping collection of photographs of what seems to be absolutely elusive to most photographers… an empty airport! Mike Criswell uses a midnight layover to his benefit as he captures picture after picture of the incredible architecture of the Chicago O’Hare Airport. There are some great colors and tones captured here, as well as naturally formed lines and shapes that are way beyond proper description. You’ve just got to see for yourself!

Iceland – so many awesome elements come together in this shot, producing a piece that is as captivating as it is striking. Yury Pustovoy captures an extremely moody scene on the coast of Iceland as the sun is either coming up or readying to set. Epic colors in the sky cast a wonderful hue over the entire scene, which finds a further element of interest in the long exposure technique used which creates very dramatic and intensive seas.

Dramatic Mukilteo Lighthouse – an absolutely wonderful photograph by Spencer McDonald showcases the intricate interest and beauty in a character-rich lighthouse and surrounding architecture. The impeccable details in this shot really bring the setting to life, all finished off perfectly with a typical west coast sky to add some drama.

What's up? – this breathtaking piece by Vince Maidens features a Great Grey Owl sitting in a snowy field after it has landed. As it sits, it’s looking up at a Bald Eagle off-frame, creating a serious element of visual tension to the picture. The expression on this incredible bird’s face is really quite incredible, making for a must-see shot in this week’s list.

Tunnel Ahead – what a great shot, as captured and shared here by Len Saltiel. A classic train that joins two olden gold rush locales together runs across some pretty treacherous conditions. This shot features classic train cars as they cross an old wooden trestle and disappear into a tunnel. Great details in the cars and their surroundings bring all the key elements together.

The Old School – Val from Sligo, Ireland takes us along as she explores with her camera. An old school, long abandoned and well on it’s way to being reclaimed by the nature that surrounds it, sits hauntingly in a rural setting, weathered and decaying. Val captures shots of some of the details that comprise the character of these ruins, making an absolutely captivating blog post to visit, view and enjoy.

Cloud Framing Seattle – the wonderful city skyline of Seattle is explored and shared in this great shot from the studio of Conor Musgrave. Dramatic clouds lingering low over the skyline add a fabulous touch of drama to a shot that expresses the character and spirit of this wonderful city.

Bald Eagle – Jay Taylor grabs an amazing shot of this regal bird sitting perched in a tree. As it looks out to the horizon adding a touch of tension to the picture, the sun beams down upon it, lighting it up and showcasing the great details in it’s feathers and features.

Golden Hour – a great shot from Derrick Birdsall that creates a true abstract by observing nature and light. The beautiful hues from the golden hour bathe the scene in warm tones, and the layers from the landscape produce depth, all working together to create a very pleasing picture sure to be enjoyed by all who visit.

Jump – a red eyed little tree frog is captured mid-jump in this frame from shikhei goh. Fabulous light drapes the green little guy as he makes his move, and the shallow depth-of-focus makes him stand out from the background.

Double Sunbeam, Slot Canyon, Arizona – the Slot Canyons play host to some of the best scenes and settings a photographer could hope to encounter. Mark Paulson takes us inside the canyon here, where he finds a spot where two distinctive sunbeams pour in from above, creating great light in the scene and highlighting the wonderful colors and tones of the canyons when they are kissed by the sun.

D' Last Of The Other Side – an entire range of skyscrapers adorns the screen in this cityscape shot taken at the blue hour by anthony mejia. Great details in the architecture are explored, all wonderfully reflected back in a great mirrored surface created by the waters that surround it.

Keash has gone green – Val takes us on another terrific adventure, this time heading to a little community named Keash. Val does a great job with her post showcasing some images from the lovely little community, as well as a few tidbits about the history surrounding the area.

VW Reflections – a great old VW bus sits in a perfect setting for Jon Mold to capture and share here. A still pool of water in the foreground reflects the bus back to the viewer, and Jon’s careful processing adds drama in the muted tones emphasized and a terrific vignette that leads the viewer into the frame.

icebound – a fabulous three masted schooner sits anchored, ice-locked to the dock it’s affixed to. Alexander Pavlov’s great composition brings all the rich character of this vessel to life for all to enjoy, capturing some of the surrounding frigid landscape to add a touch of context.

Tidal Edge Flora – muted tones and selective color are used in these shots to create a specific vision that local photographer Ehpem is trying to express and share. A tidal plant appears to be ready to bloom, and these great shots expose great details and features of the flora.

Mist over the Crete Senesi, towards Siena – a gorgeous landscape photograph featuring fabulous green rolling hills which form the cradle of life in this spot of the world. Lorenzo ROSIGNOLI captures a breathtaking picture, highlighted by the fabulous shadows that add dimension and depth.

The chairs remain the same* – a tilted horizon adds a touch of tension to this black-and-white photograph by Melinda Green Harvey. A motel long unused still has the white chairs perched in front, almost as if it’s waiting for the next guest. Melinda’s shot delivers a sense of melancholy, a yearning to know what it must have been like years ago.

Dusk – Chaluntorn Preeyasombat takes us to what seems to be the very top of the world to take in a beautiful sunset. As you look off into the distance, the outcroppings of the surrounding mountains fade further and further into the backdrop, creating a strong sense of scale and wonder.

Half sky, half dream – the city of Dubai lies covered in a thick blanket of fog, only showing diffused colors and tones from the vibrant community below the cover. Beno Saradzic captures a frame that seems almost otherworldly, with only the odd building top peeking above the clouds.

Betty's Hope, Antigua in Black & White ( Part 1 | Part 2 ) – a set of black-and-white images shot with brackets, merged into HDR and then post-processed as monochrome to accent the rich textures and details in the old structure and it’s various bits and pieces. These shots from the studio of Mark Summerfield do a great job of sharing in the richness that can be found at this site.

One Day in March – Andy Hooker (LensScaper) opines about the state of spring in his area by reflecting upon previous springs and sharing some great and colorful shots of flowers from those times. It’s been cold and damp here on the west coast, too, and everyone is well ready for some decent weather. This post takes us away, even if just briefly.

The Abandoned Boiler Room from the Queen Mary – a terrific shot straight from the studios of Trey Ratcliff features an long disused boiler room from deep inside the bowels of the Queen Mary steamship. Trey’s great image captures a bit of haunting feeling that this space exudes to all who visit.

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana! – an absolutely awe-inspiring overhead shot of a gorgeous waterfall as posted on “Amazing Things in the World's” Facebook page. By spending some time absorbing the incredible details in the shot, the true scale comes to light, creating a vista that showcases the power and beauty of nature.

Scarlet Sails #2 – a truly compelling photograph that features a tall ship in full sail in a harbor, with full scarlet regalia in it’s beautiful sails. As the lights of the city around it try to open the drapes on the darkness, this absolutely incredible ship stands tall and proud as a testament to the adventurous spirit of mankind.

the escape tunnel – a highly textured tunnel leading the viewer straight through into the great unknown is presented here by david stoddart. A fabulous soft vignette leads you into the heart of the frame, absorbing all the great details uncovered in this shot.

Abandoned Places – there’s something haunting about this great shot from the studio of Scott Prokop that features a long forgotten Firebird car in the yard with an abandoned building adding context and texture in the backdrop. Scott’s perfect composition creates a natural flow in the frame, leaving the viewer with a sense of longing.

The Adventurer who flew from the Bell Tower (Fail) – what’s better than a great photograph? A great photograph with a great story to add dimension and depth to the picture being presented. This is a terrific and entertaining piece by Barry Turner that takes us all to olden English times to orally witness the rather ungraceful descent of an adventurer from high atop a bell tower.

A Blind Squirrel – this is a great shot from the studio of Jim Denham that surprisingly doesn’t contain any form of a blind squirrel, or any other fur-bearing animal for that matter. Jim shares a black-and-white shot here he shot awhile back but only recently found in the archives, and uses the image and the opportunity to share a few profound thoughts.

::. Ghost Island .:: – a moody, ethereal image from the studio of Ahmad Zulharmin Fariza. A seascape featuring wooden posts sticking out, striking and highly dramatic silhouettes against a vibrantly colored sky, and clouds full of intrigue all come together to cast an image that is mesmerizing.

Action Shots at Imperial Sand Dunes – Anne McKinnell freezes the incredibly exciting action found on the California sand dunes in this series of photographs. Motorbikes and ATV’s use these dunes are their own private playground, and Anne’s shots bring all the fun and energy of the event to life here for everyone to enjoy.

The Sun Sets Behind Ta Phrom – this image features the ruins of this world-famous spot, now long left unused except for the curious and the photographers. Anita Megyesi captures a strong photograph that leaves the viewer with a sense of awe as we visually explore the incredible architecture created so long ago.

Refuge – a fabulous HDR image from Curt Fleenor that takes us deep inside St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford, Virginia where he finds an old, weathered couch sitting, just waiting for someone to come along and appreciate it. Curt’s shot does just this by composing the frame with the couch front-and-center, accented just perfectly by it’s surroundings of decay.

1950 Chrysler, Havana, 2013 – this perfectly composed and framed shot by Ren Bostelaar takes us straight to Cuba where Ren finds one of the iconic old American cars in the street. The distinctive Cuban architecture forms the backdrop for this piece, adding a great dimension.

Spring is Here! – I’ve been prancing around like a royal idiot recently loudly and vociferously proclaiming the arrival of spring. Boy, was I wrong. It seems that Averil Hall is of like-mind on the prairies of Canada as she composes and shares a fabulous blog post with wonderful photographs that hilariously punctuates a point many of us are thinking.

Chetzemoka at Fort Worden State Park – a fabulous old wooden boat sits near the shore in this great shot by Paul. The HDR process he used to create this great photo really brings all the rich textures and details, and all the vibrant colors, right out of the scene to our screens for everyone to enjoy.

You have stolen my heart – this is a wonderful beach shot that features a great pier, some structures with lights on it, and incredibly breathtaking colors in the sky as the sun sets. A lovely image, as captured and shared here by meeyak.

Break of Dawn – a gorgeous morning shot, captured and shared here from Norway by Max. Wonderful tones in the sky work perfectly with the interesting red building in the distance, giving the scene a touch of color and context with the human element.

Open Water – a frozen vista, captured and shared here by Jim Denham, takes us to a river that is just beginning it’s annual unthawing, focusing on some of the natural details that linger just below the water’s surface. Jim’s use of black-and-white in processing this image does a great job of bringing all the natural drama out.

Aurora Borealis in the Lyngen Alps – the aurora borealis streams green tendrils across the night sky as Vittorio Vaninetti readies to capture this breathtaking scene. The wondrous white tips of the mountain range in the background sits under the glowing green sky, creating the perfect conditions for a special photograph, one sure to be enjoyed by all who visit.

Hibiscus Bloom, Baja, Mexico – Mark Paulson shares a photograph here of a bright red Hibiscus flower in bright bloom, in Mexico. Wonderful colors and tones that can only be found in nature are captured and explored in this lovely image.

Fall Tracks – railroad tracks lead the viewer through the frame, under a canopy of rich autumn foliage, and out into a terrific vanishing point in this photograph from Jake Olson Studios. Absolutely breathtaking colors are exposed and explored in this great shot, making it a must-see photograph in this week’s list.

The Peter Iredale Shipwreck | Oregon Coast – an absolutely riveting photograph from Mike Olbinski takes us seaside where we get to explore the mesmerizing remains of an old shipwreck. Mike’s use of black-and-white to create this shot accents all the rich drama and tension found in the shot.

The view from Alcove House – this incredible photograph by Jim Nix takes us inside a cave that peers out into an amazing vista. The Bandelier National Monument has been home to countless people for thousands of years, and Jim’s great shot here captures a little of character and spirit found here.

The First at Pier 7 – I’m a huge fan of great vanishing points in photography, finding they add a great element of interest in many cases. Mike Criswell takes us to Pier 7 in the early morning where he captures a wonderful photograph of the pier, using it as a leading line to guide the viewer right through the frame into the heart of the scene.

It’s a Gas Gas Gas… – this fabulous black-and-white image from David Williams shares a very dramatic and unique vision with the viewer. A gas mask drapes itself over the head of a Gibson guitar producing a striking scene with dramatic lighting. David’s use of composite techniques delivers a finished piece sure to captivate everyone.
yard by Jonathan Kos-Read, on Flickr

Spring is Sprung – and not one moment too soon, either! This great shot by Erin Duke features a beautiful flowering tree, harkening in the much anticipated spring for those of us north of the equator. This is a wonderful photograph, full of vibrant colors.

Lion Cub – a beautiful little lion cub peers out above the grasses at the camera, making for a wonderfully expressive photograph to view and enjoy. This is a wonderful image by David Lloyd, sure to tug your heartstrings and leave you wanting more.

Celebrating Forests – Laurie MacBride’s post features a fabulous shot of some of our huge trees out here on the west coast of Canada. Laurie then uses this picture as a subject to discuss a rather profound topic; that is of the trees and their importance to our lives and the planet we all call home.

Bison in Grand Teton National Park – the Bison are truly incredible animals, once roaming the hills and fields as if they owned them. This great picture by Rick Louie features one in a field looking back at Rick with a very inquisitive look on it’s face.

The Elgin Theatre – intricate and ornate architectural cues adorn the inside of the Elgin Theatre, and Edith Levy does a fabulous job of capturing these to share here with everyone. When viewed in the large format, this picture begins to reveal countless little details and gems, drawing the viewer into the scene.

Where the Old West Comes Alive – Bob Lussier captures a fabulous shot of a sign on the side of the highway. Bob’s sympathetic processing delivers a piece that creates a sense of yesteryear, sharing a feel of isolation in a vast expanse.

The Many Flavors of Vishnu – an incredible image, straight from the studio of Keith Cuddeback, featuring this world-famous statue. Absolutely epic details and textures are all revealed in this picture, producing an image that does a great job of showcasing the majesty and grandeur of this exhibit.

Daphne Islet – this series of images all feature various forms of underwater wildlife, as shot and shared by Amanda Marie. Her perfect and careful compositions really do a wonderful job of bringing all the character of these animals to the screen for all to enjoy.

Sunset at Imperial Sand Dunes – terrific light casts its magic upon scenes of recreational activities on the famous sand dunes as the day comes to close. Anne McKinnell’s set here showcases both the expanse of the vast landscapes created by the dunes, tempered with the context and scale that comes by seeing some of the fun-seekers blasting their way over the scene.

Colors of the Night – a wondrous Milwaukee cityscape at night is featured in this photograph by CJ Schmit. Great details in the city’s architecture are explored in this detailed shot, allowing the viewer to move around the frame taking in some of the finer points of interest.

The Hidden One – layer-upon-layer of details, tones and shapes begin to emerge as you work your way through this epic picture by Gregory Boratyn. The Antelope Canyon’s are world-famous for the great way they manipulate light, producing incredible natural shapes and colors that are only found here. This wonderful photograph exhibits these key features in all levels.

Let Sleeping Lizards Lie – Tim Stanley captures a shot of a really interesting and colorful character as he lies about on a rock. Tim finds this amazing lizard at the Dallas World Aquarium and does a terrific job in capturing a frame to showcase it’s terrific personality… the resting part of it, anyways.

Sailing Into The Sunset – a very colorful and fascinating shot from the studio of Scott Wood. Scott’s great shot taken at the Seattle waterfront finds us checking out an iconic coastal ferry as it makes it’s way into dock late in the day.

Breaking dawn… – a Texas morning produces the perfect elements for the photography of Derrick Birdsall. As the sun crests over the horizon, it creates terrific and dramatic shadows across the landscape, and all of this finds further benefit from the great clouds in the sky adding a great element.

Fog – a fabulous, moody shot by Steve Beal shares a foggy scene that finds us on a walkway with a gentle curve leading off into the distance. Steve’s black-and-white processing does a great job of bringing all the inherent drama of this brooding scene to life.

A Time to enjoy – vanishing points are one of my personal favorite elements in a composition, and this awesome image by Barry Turner has a great one to see and enjoy. Barry’s monochromatic processing brings all the textures and details to the forefront in this great shot, allowing the viewer to take in the stonework and architecture.

Winter perfection – an expansive and never-ending vista greets the viewer in this breathtaking picture by Tom. Layer upon layer of mountains reveal themselves as you spend time taking in all the rich and beautiful details.

Quiet Elegance – Michael Lewis Glover takes us into the heart of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa where we get to enjoy a view of the foyer and interior of the hotel. Breathtaking details and architecture greet the visitor with this shot; a picture sure to be enjoyed by all.

Yawning fox – what a terrific shot, captured and shared here by Igor Shpilenok. A lovely little fox in the middle of a snowy setting is sitting and yawning. The viewer gets a great sense of the spirit and character of this amazing creature, making for a truly compelling photograph.

Dark pink orchid – a gorgeous shot of a vibrant, colorful flower is presented here by Kat White. Incredible natural colors are accented by Kat’s perfect use of a shallow depth-of-focus to isolate the beautiful flower from it’s background.

Baby Milky Eagle Owl – a lovely little baby Eagle Owl peers towards the lens for this great photograph captured by Bev. Great details in the little animals face really bring all the character of it to the screen for all to view and enjoy.

Red Spotted Purple Butterfly – absolutely incredible details and colors in a tiny butterfly are explored in this awesome photograph from Kerri Farley. Kerri’s perfect composition and shallow depth-of-focus really brings the pure essence of this amazing little creature to life.

license – oneowner captures and shares a great shot here, one that is lightly peppered with hidden humor for those brave enough to explore the entire presentation. Great natural tension is displayed in this composition, sharing a minimalistic vision sure to engage everyone.

B&M 328 – a terrific, almost iconic, picture is shared here by Bob Lussier that features a great locomotive on the tracks. Bob’s intrinsic processing really finds all the character of this train, and brings all the romance of the scene to life to enjoy on monitors everywhere.

Sands Edge – sometimes the most daunting and frustrating events can result in great imagery. Rick Louie faces adversity and bad luck headon in this shot that features an almost abstract view of a leading edge of a sand dune. The natural lighting creates great, gentle shadows, and the rich textures captured really all come together to make for a highly engaging piece to view.


Digital Negative App Lets Your iOS Device Capture Uncompressed RAW Images – a great, and short, post that discusses a new app for capturing RAW images on your iOS devices. This looks to give the artist a batch of terrific new options in terms of how to take and process photographs with these small form-factor cameras.

Abandoned America: Neglected Architecture of the Past – a profound collection of images featuring abandoned and forgotten facilities in the USA. Matthew Christopher takes us on a whirlwind and emotional journey to check out the haunting remains of what once were vibrant and important landmarks around the country.

Vietnam Veteran Rediscovers and Shares His 45-Year-Old Photo Archive – treasure seekers might prefer to find chests full of bullion and gold at the bottom of the ocean, but I’m willing to bet that most photographers would rather find a treasure like this. This terrific collection of photographs was taken at the height of the Viet Nam war and was just recently discovered.

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