Things Finally Turning Around? Nikon Releases Improved Financials for the First Quarter


We haven’t had any good news to report from Nikon in quite some time.

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Photo by Pavan kumar

That just changed as the company released its first-quarter financials and things are looking good across the board. The major question is whether or not this is a sign of things finally turning around or just a blip on the radar.

Revenue is up across its business units with the Imaging Products Unit, the one nearest and dearest to our hearts, posting nearly 25 billion yen in revenue, some 17.5 billion of which is profit. Digital camera sales are up and mirrorless camera sales are almost twice what they were. Of course, pessimists will point out that there’s no direction but up when you’re at the bottom and, compared with last year’s numbers which dwelt at that altitude, almost anything could be considered an improvement.

With that in mind, Nikon is projecting rosy numbers looking forward which is making all of us wonder if this is finally the cap on the company’s woes.

Naturally, some business units improved performance simply because the COVID-19 restrictions are largely lifted across the globe. Specifically, the Precision Equipment Business attributes its markedly improved performance in part to its ability to proceed with product installations. Another unit that posted improved results thanks in part to the waning pandemic restrictions is the Healthcare Business with the life sciences division and eye care products chalking up strong numbers.

Have you followed Nikon’s saga the past year or so? Do these improved numbers give you confidence for the company’s future? Let us know what you think of Nikon’s market position in the comments.

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