This Night Sky Timelapse Video Will Take Your Breath Away


What is it about timelapse videos that makes them so fascinating? They compress hours of footage into seconds, speeding up the pace of things as we know them. It is in this speeding up that magic is created; it takes you on a roller coaster ride. Anything that moves is a potential subject for timelapse photography but there are some subjects that can work strikingly well if chosen with care. While there are tons of timelapse videos out there, some really stand out.

Photographers Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinović created a stunning timelapse video filmed at Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. Called YIKÁÍSDÁHÁ, which is Navajo for Milky Way, the video  shows you the striking colors of nature juxtaposed with some mind-blowing landscapes. The awe-inspiring shots of the Milky Way will leave you speechless as much as the dynamic clouds advancing over the landscape. It's a treat to the eyes.

So sit back, turn the volume up a bit, go full screen and relish these stunning visuals. These are truly 4 minutes of bliss.

Some Stills from the Video

Gavin 2

Gavin 3

Gavin 6

Gavin 4

Gavin 5

Gavin 1

Do check out their websites (1 & 2) to see more of their work. You can also connect with them on Facebook (1 & 2).

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