Touching Video Reveals Moment Photographer Gets Her Stolen Gear Back


Stolen camera gear. It's a nightmare scenario for many of us photographers.

Worse still is that we are attractive targets because our gear is easily resalable at good prices (for a thief) and it's relatively easy to grab a bag full of gear and run.

The chances of getting your stuff back… well, let's just say they're not the best.

But for this lucky German photographer, luck was on her side when the local police were able to recover her stolen camera bag.

Well, just watch….

Source: WDR Bonn

I have to admit, I felt very relieved for her.

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I had all of my equipment stolen in the street just over a year ago. It is heartbreaking, and never showed up. Now, I make sure everything is smart watered and scribed, so is not so easy to sell (as I have no intentions of doing so)
Still, it makes you very cautious about being out with your equipment, especially at night.

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