Tourist Sits on 200-Year-Old Sculpture for Photo and Breaks It


While we can’t blame a certain popular social media platform for this one, we can chalk it up to plain old poor behavior while taking a photograph.

Photo by Julio Nery from Pexels.

For some reason, photographers and casual fans alike just seem to throw all rules concerned with functioning in a society out of the window when they’re trying to take a picture.

In this case, a tourist sat on a then subsequently broke a 200-year-old sculpture while trying to take a picture. Needless to say, memories were made but probably not the type the two tourists involved bargained for in the end.

It all went down on July 31st at Italy’s Antonio Canova Museum in Possagno. Of course, all of it was captured by a security camera.

The man in the video notices something that has happened to the statue but, rather than report the broken toes that he then tries to reattach himself, he just walks away. To his credit, he did turn himself in later, writing to the museum.

“I remain at complete disposal, it was irresponsible behavior on my part, the consequences were unknown to me, so I normally continued the visit to the museum and the entire stay in Italy (I didn’t escape). During the visit, I sat on the statue, without realizing the damage I evidently caused. I ask you for information on the steps that are necessary on my part in this situation for me very unpleasant and for which, in the first place, I apologize in all ways.”

You can view the security cam footage of the incident by clicking here.

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