16 Travel Portraits That Will Have You Reaching For Your Passport


For some of us, travel photography is the pinnacle of what we hope to do. The sheer amount of photographic opportunities that present themselves when you see a new culture or place for the first time make travel to far flung destinations a snapper's dream. These photos got us thinking about another trip overseas and we think they might do the same for you.

H'Mong babygirl - mũ mèo nhỏ

Photo by linh.ngân

Photo by Andrey x

Jeune tibétain

Photo by Christian Bachellier

The cigar smoker of Viñales, Cuba

Photo by Alschim

Esoteric ~ Socotra Island, Yemen

Photo by Martin Sojka

Photo by Christian Bachellier

Photo by Pedro Szekely


Photo by Christian Bachellier

Chanteuse rajputh

Photo by Christian Bachellier

Flowers of Diwali in India

Photo by Stuck in Customs

Photo by Riccardo Maria Mantero


Photo by Latigi

Indonesian Girl with Hat

Photo by Stuck in Customs

Photo by Praveen

Le vannier

Photo by Alain Bachellier

Photo by Enrique

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some cool images here, i love the old person black and white look. the wrinkles really pop out when shooting old people and converting to black and white, infact i think its one of my faveourite types of photos

These kinds of photos are great, but I can’t help feeling that it’s getting a little exploitive. If not exploitive, it’s definitely bordering on cliched.

Go to Asian/South American country -> Take picture of unhappy or vacant looking child/old person -> Convert to monotone -> receive 6000 comments on Flickr.

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