Ultra-High-Resolution Mirrorless Camera on the Way from Canon?


How much is too much? As far as Canon is concerned, it seems like their most powerful consumer cameras might not be enough.

Photo by Jan Valečka

The company is reportedly developing a 75-megapixel RF mount mirrorless camera – which is just bonkers – but also in line with where the market seems to be heading these days. FStoppers reports via Canon Rumors that this is actually something long in the works, with the latter writing, “This has been long rumored since the RF mount came out.”

We just have to wonder how old those rumors are (as in do they predate COVID-19 and the ensuing chaos it caused or do they come after). It’s tough to imagine this is something that is happening soon but we’re happy to be proven wrong.

The main reason for that is that the whole industry is struggling to bring products of any kind to market right now. More and more products are aimed at the very top of the spectrum (aka the very high price tag section) and most of the lower-end products are getting culled. We can blame smartphones but that’s really only one small part of the problem.

It will be interesting to watch over the coming two years whether we have a delay in new products coming out or not. As you might have read the other day, it is projected that chip shortages are going to continue for some time. We would be surprised if this not only impacted products coming out but those in development as well. Only time will tell.

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