Underworld: 21 Captivating Images of Life on the Subway


Anyone who has ever spent much time on the subway will understand that life underground is not drastically different from life above ground; almost anything that people will do at home, they will also do on the subway. This includes — but is by no means limited to — eating, sleeping, listening to music, arguing with family members, personal grooming/getting dressed. You get the idea. And anyone familiar with New York City’s L train will probably agree with me that it’s the equivalent of a traveling literary society, full of people trying to impress one another by reading books by Molière and Pascal and Bentham. If you’re into Twilight, the L train is not for you.

But if you’re into photography, you may find the subway to be a paradise of sorts where, in spite of the confined space, life happens unabated.

birds in the subway
Photo by Maria Savenko

Boston, 2013
Photo by Alan Barr

Subway Reading
Photo by David Nitzsche

New York Street Scenes
Photo by Steven Pisano

a subway second
Photo by Alex

Photo by Matteo Merzi

I fantastici 4
Photo by enki22

Reading at the Subway
Photo by Pedro Ribeiro

111212 NY - 461.jpg
Photo by Iuri Kothe

Photo by Joshua Kehn

Photo by Hans Erik

kids on a subway
Photo by Marcos Gasc

New York Street Scenes
Photo by Steven Pisano

riding the subway
Photo by Kristin Wall

Night Ride
Photo by Troy Tolley

Moscow Subway
Photo by Christopher Michel

Boston, 2013
Photo by Alan Barr

111107 NY - 131.jpg
Photo by Iuri Kothe

Modern Detachment
Photo by Joey

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