Unskippable Ads Coming Soon to Social Media?


The drive to get views, likes, clicks, and shares is the motivation behind most social media influencer activity. Luckily for social media platforms, this also helps drive revenue in terms of ad views and other activities.

group of people walking near high-rise buildings
Group of people walking near high-rise buildings. Photo by Anthony Rosset

Ad views, in particular, are very lucrative for most firms. Pushing these numbers higher is not only mission number one but also necessary in an increasingly competitive market.

The problem is that users don’t often want to sit through a ream of ads, skipping over those that do not catch their attention.

That might change and soon if Instagram has anything to say about it as The Verge reports Meta’s crown jewel is now testing so-called “unskippable” ads.

In terms of user friendliness, that’s probably right near the bottom of the list but the appeal of higher revenue might win out here.

“Instagram already displays sponsored posts and ads between the content you’re scrolling through, whether it’s your home feed or Reels. But sticking unskippable content between posts takes this to another level — and seems pretty disruptive,” The Verge writes.

The website notes that YouTube has implemented a similar system across its vast array of outlets. In addition, this kind of thing is pretty common in mobile apps and things like that.

But one question remains: If we are going to make the user experience worse, are creators going to benefit? As we’ve covered here multiple times, the opportunities out there for making money off of digital media are growing fewer by the day, especially with the advent of AI-generated everything.

Any thoughts that you might have on social media and its relentless pursuit to monetize everything are welcome in the comments.

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