Upside-Down Branding on Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 Camera Celebrates “Stranger Things” Tie-In


Fans of Netflix’s Stranger Things and Polaroid collectors have something to look forward to in the near future: An Originals OneStep 2 camera with upside-down branding to commemorate the camera’s popularity in the show.

This upside-down branding on the camera is apparently a reference to the alternative reality presented by the show according to PetaPixel.

polaroid now
Photo by Polaroid Now

“Meet the world’s brightest camera. This truly state of the art innovation features an extra bright flash developed in collaboration with Hawkins National Laboratory. Pressing the shutter button sends light waves towards your subject, which reflect back to create perfectly illuminated pictures in or out of the shadows. With its unique blue and red colorway, this camera is guaranteed to stand out amongst your collection. Easy to use and precise in its function, you’ll feel like a pro and shoot like one, too. Just pick up a pack of i-Type film and you're ready to go.”

As far as how it works, the camera has a built-in flash and it will apparently be compatible with i-Type film and Polaroid 600.

Polaroid said of the camera, “[We’ve] created a light, compact but sturdy camera that, while simple to use, captures colors as rich as your imagination, and memories to last a lifetime. And that's not all, with a flash as bright as the stars in the sky, you’re guaranteed a special picture everytime.”

Probably of even more interest to collectors and photographers alike is the unique film pack that is being marketed with the camera. Featuring 16 different border designs, it is made to be collected and used: “And with a load of specially designed frames, you can turn your world upside down. Just press the shutter to ignite thousands of chemical reactions and create 8 real, completely unique images with each pack. The more you buy, the better chance to collect all 16 designs!”

One of the best things about the camera is the price: $USD 110. Film packs are $USD 17 and $USD 48 for a single or triple pack.

That’s not a bad price point to get started with a fun film camera.

You can pick one up here if you are interested.


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