Urban Landscape, Transient Light and Iceland’s Birdlife!


Just like the sciences, photography is packed with an array of multiple approaches and genres. Back in the early 2010s, I stumbled upon a very interesting theme; the urban landscape.

From there on, I want to share my thoughts on how the concept of “landscape” can be put into question if we consider the following idea. Landscape is usually something vast and rarely shot through the visual scope of a telephoto lens. Of course, this shouldn't be a sin or a crime; neither is shooting in vertical mode. Both are capable approaches for rendering glorious abstractions of the world. But we could encounter two flavors of landscapes: human-occupied or pristine from us.

We can't escape from how much the world has been changed thanks to us. A while ago, Bernd and Hilla Becher realized this and took a direct approach to our intervention on a given landscape; one rather quotidian as well. Previously to the AI madness, these folks revolutionised the contemporary scene of fine art photography. Their main focus was capturing the aesthetic of “left-behind” architecture. The shots on water towers are my favorite due to the emphasis on the general structure of those picturesque monoliths.

For this week, Tersha assigned our talented photographers to illustrate something unique, “transient light” amidst the urban landscape. But what exactly is that? — pours some coffee, grabs a dictionary — As something we can see, “transient” would be stuff passing through; transitioning. And as anything one can do, staying momentarily in one place.

So, capturing the transient nature of light trapped in the urban landscape!

Expect harsh and long shadows, minimal close-ups, and a pure viewing experience of how much we've changed our planet. Such a goal can be traced back to Dziga Vertov‘s 1924 film “Kinoglaz” (translated to “cameraman” for some reason) and the whole Qatsi trilogy.

Photo of the Week

Posted at the challenge on transient light in the urban landscape, “not sure if this fits, but I do like the result…” and neither was I, but sure it fits the photo of the week! That scratchy texture from panning and the grainy richness – probably from film – make this whole shot something hard to miss! Please Paul, tell us more about the processing on this piece!

copyright – bucweeet

Congrats bucweet, thanks for sharing such a high-quality photograph with us!

Weekly Photography Challenge Digest

Thanks, Tersha and Dahlia for pushing our creative boundaries one step forward every week!

copyright – Michael
copyright – Timothy S. Allen
copyright – Timothy S. Allen
copyright – Timothy S. Allen
copyright – Rose Marie
copyright – Michael
copyright – Pat Garrett
copyright – Michael
copyright – Kenneth Wong
copyright – Kenneth Wong
copyright – Kenneth Wong
copyright – Tersha

Low winter sun just clipping the top of the hoardings.

copyright – Patrick
copyright – Holly K

Light of Night Life (Click for detail)

copyright – Pat Garrett

Lit by Twilight and “Fire”light (suggest clicking details)

copyright – Pat Garrett

The blue hour at the Wien Staatsoper.

copyright – Rose Marie

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A Highlight on the Latest Activity at our Community

Rob and the whole Wood Squad got pretty sick, swing by for some “get well soon” messages for them!

Daniel shared something quite moving:

copyright – Daniel Krueger

Francisco’s Rosary.

Francisco left us a few years ago; I keep his rosary on my desk. It reminds me to slow down and appreciate all we love, near & far.

Patrick shared this fluffy fellow!

copyright – Patrick

And Elin shared a video made by some of Iceland's best bird photographers

Swing by if you wish to know more about the Birdlife in Iceland

Earlier in the week, Rob opened an interesting conversation on Adobe's new license instruction on user content… Something of vast interest to all creatives using their solutions. What do you think about this? Share your view on the forum post.

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Last but not least, our June contest (“Nature's Clock”) is open for entries!

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