Users Reporting Cracked Glass on Google Pixel Phone Cameras


Smartphone cameras are impressive but delicate instruments.

macrophotography of cracked glass screen
Macrophotography of cracked glass screen. Photo by Jilbert Ebrahimi

In fact, it is one of the most expensive repairs that an owner could possibly make on a smartphone with most users opting for a whole new device instead.

To be totally fair, most scenarios envisioned above involve some kind of carelessness or negligence on the owner’s part. Today’s story, however, seems to be pointing the finger at some type of manufacturing flaw which makes it all the more annoying for Google, especially seeing how the Pixel is their marquee phone.

If you missed our coverage of its debut, you can check that out here. As you will recall from that article, a big feature of the new Pixel was the camera band on the back, which is apparently the source of the problem in today’s story. 

PetaPixel reports that the glass covering the back is cracking spontaneously, in one instance on a phone that the user described as brand new. In that case, the phone was replaced but the owner reported some concern about how long the lifespan of the replacement headset would be given the short life of the first one. 

Although Google has not commented on the sporadic user reports yet, we will be sure to update you if you do. PetaPixel reminds us that the Pixel 6 had cracking glass problems as well so this might be something in the family DNA in the Pixel phones. As the website highlights, almost everyone seems to be really happy with the latest Pixel smartphones which just underscores that this is all somewhat sporadic rather than widespread as of right now. 

Two issues that often creep up with smartphones and their cameras is how expensive repairs can by combined with the disposable nature of the device itself. Intended to be replaced every couple of years or so, smartphone cameras aren’t treated like traditional optical equipment even though their prices are right up there with some of the lower-end models. It kind of makes you wonder just how worth it the latest smartphone camera tech is when you could, arguably, save money over several years with a single decent standalone camera purchase. 

What do you think? Does it make more sense to get a decent camera and just leave data and the rest to a competent smartphone or is there something to be said for shelling out the big bucks for the latest headset from Apple, Google, or Samsung? Let us know in the comments. 

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