These Images Will Make You Want to Visit Australia


The land down under is to most westerners a place best known from a few movie characters, the Sydney Opera House, surfing, scuba and shrimp on the barbie.  There is a lot more to Australia though, which is why it's a top destination spot for so many people from around the globe.  Don't worry, these photos include all the more commonly known spots, and some others too!

Photo by Linh_rOm

Melbourne, Australia by night

Photo by Linh_rOm

Patterns in Nature

Photo by Garry –

Photo by Jamie Davies

Sunset Outback Australia

Photo by swisscan

In the pipeline

Photo by jayspost

Sunrise 0195.JPG

Photo by Michael Dawes

Sunset Lifeguard tower

Photo by Maddy Lou

dead tree view to hills

Photo by

Uluru Sunset

Photo by ernieski

laughing and shy

Photo by k-girl

Aboriginal Man Playing Didgeridoo

Photo by Corey Leopold

Photo by Michael Lämmli

Photo by meironke

Photo by Veronique (Image Focus Australia)

Q1 tower under the wing

Photo by Tatters:)

Koala Meditating (The ultimate koala photo?)

Photo by Erik K Veland

Hervey Bay Whales 3938

Photo by Michael Dawes

Under the dancing sky

Photo by Tati@

Doing The Mowing (93/365)

Photo by Leonrw

Mr Canguro

Photo by Jordi Alfaro

Saturday morning

Photo by Felix42 contra la censura

Photo by Christopher Burns

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