Vivo Shows Off Prototype with Pop-Up Removable Camera


Smartphones and camera technology are as inextricably linked as ever and that trend will probably not slow down anytime soon.

Photo by IFEA by Vivo from Red Dot.

That said, there are still manufacturers out there looking for new twists on what is become a fairly standard concept and, in Vivo’s case, that involves placing the camera on top of a smartphone unit and making it both a pop-up and removable. The company described its thinking behind this design as allowing for engineers the ability to harvest the “benefits” of each as a separate unit rather than building it all as one whole.

The design was so impressive that it won the company the Red Dot Award. A description for the design, called the IFEA, reads in part, “It is an attempt to build a new photography system that is separate from the mobile phone. IFEA integrates enhanced user-friendly shooting features with the smartphone. With IFEA, users can create and record images and videos anytime and anywhere.”

Photo by IFEA by Vivo from Red Dot.

As PetaPixel points out, this isn’t the first time a modular design like this was explored by a major manufacturer. Still, the Vivo device was designed with ample considerations for both the consumer and production meaning that taking this from the drawing board to the factory floor would be much easier than some concept designs.

“The camera module is a separate device that brings to life an innovative multi-angle shooting capability. Users can also control the device through voice commands. This is both interactive and intuitive. The over form is comfortable and also increases the grip. IFEA has multiple accessories and support mechanisms with different modes to increase stability and storage. As a result, videos can be captured while walking or during sports, without any compromise to the visual stability. The device can be used seamlessly with the smartphone’s original camera,” the description of the IFEA continues.

Right now there aren’t any plans to bring the IFEA to production but never say never.

What do you think of Vivo’s pop-up camera concept on a smartphone? Smart and innovative or gimmicky? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below if you like.

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