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Join us as we check out this weeks list of epic photography links, curated by Toad Hollow Photography.  This edition features a pair of tutorials, an incredible collection of black-and-white images of nostalgic gas stations, a great selection of photography and an interesting blog discussing the new lens-style cameras just released by Sony.  We really hope you enjoy checking out this collection of links as much as the Toad did in bringing it to you.


Quick Photo Tip: Using Leading Lines – Joe Baraban shares some of his great insight into photography compositional techniques in this brief post.  The power and importance of leading lines in imagery is explored in theory, and then Joe also shares a great set of photos to illustrate the point expressed.

Overcoming Your Fear of Flash with Five Techniques – this seven minute video tutorial talks about how to use flashes in photography and achieve great results.  While the tutorial is geared towards people trying to understand how and where to apply these techniques, much can be learned from this presentation that discusses lighting angles, modifiers and other important aspects of this style of photography.


Who Knew Gas Stations Could Be Beautiful? Architectural Marvels from the Mid-Century – this post features a collection of black-and-white photographs focusing on the great designs of gas stations from the past mid-century mark.  Graceful lines and fabulous details combine in this set to transport the viewer back 50 years in time to the days that our highways and byways connected us with the expanse of the countryside.


Hatley Castle – a recent exploration a friend of mine and I did together yields some stellar results in this post.  My friend Ehpem produces a black-and-white architectural study of this famous facility, sharing very dramatic renditions of some of the finer features that make this place so very special.  As a point of contrast, my first post from this series was published at “Summer In The Garden“, featuring a pair of color HDR images of the epically beautiful gardens.

Guiding Light – at first glance this takes on a completely abstract feel, with dominant blue tones leaving the viewer with a peaceful sense.  When you look closer at Derrick Birdsall’s image here, certain details begin to add dimension.  A lighthouse in the distance beams back at you as a gentle reflection of it’s light delicately drapes across the water in a shot sure to be enjoyed by all.

For the View – Andy Hooker (LensScaper) shares a great shot with incredible perspective and scale in this post.  As we find ourselves high atop the Allalinhorn with Andy, he shares his vision and thoughts on such an incredible view, accented by the black-and-white shot featuring just incredible layers that lead the eye off into the far-reaching distance.

mmm blackberries are delicious! – a little speckled fawn munching on fresh blackberries comes to life in this wonderful photograph by Brenda Widdess.  The terrific details in the baby deer really brings out the personality and character of the little one, making for a shot sure to capture the hearts of everyone who visits.

Dimitrios II – absolutely epic rust and texture is explored in this shot featuring the remnants of a burnt-out vessel stranded on the shore.  Dimitris Bartzis’ shot does a wonderful job of expressing the juxtaposition of the crusty relic of a man-made ship against the beautiful backdrop of the landscape that it now calls home.

Historical Buildings of Central Florida – Marks and Joey Culver take us along on a brief exploration of some of the architecture and it’s details found in Central Florida.  The monochrome shots posted here showcase the rich details in the classic building, accenting the rich drama and history that make it what it is.

The Good Shepherd – an old stone church in New Zealand is explored in this photograph by Andy Smiff.  The composition including the foreground and background really add to the overall drama created in this shot, delivering a piece that is as captivating as it is beautiful.

The old Post Office in Luckenbach – terrific heritage and nostalgia come alive in this great photograph by Jim Nix.  The inherent character found in the post office featured in this shot finds great visual support in the interesting surroundings of the very tiny town that calls it home.

Shipwreck | Shipwreck Bay – Navagio, Zakynthos – two totally unique shots of this epic location, captured by two different photographers.  This world-famous bay is home to an incredible shipwreck that sits on it’s wonderful sandy shores.  Photographs taken from high above like these really showcase the beauty of the area and the inherent tension found in the wreck.

Square Wave – just incredible crisp details in the architecture found in Dubai are explored in this photograph by Daniel Cheong.  The dramatic skyline of the city is accented in this shot by the rich blue tones of the blue hour, and an incredible soft reflection that mirrors the cityscape back to the viewer.

Looking towards Nanaimo – Newcastle Island is a wonderful place to explore off of Vancouver Island, with a terrific view of the city of Nanaimo from it’s shores.  Local photographer Lotus Johnson visits the island and captures this great cityscape view looking over the waters and focusing on the great architecture of the city.

Down by the Riverside – a wonderful architectural study of the Liberty Bridge in Budapest, Hungary is captured and shared in this image created by Anita Megyesi.  The wonderfully lit bridge lights up the night sky, creating a perfect natural leading line to guide the viewer into the frame to explore it’s intricacies.

Clouded Sunset – terrific dramatic clouds hang over the cityscape below that straddles what looks to be a river in this fabulous shot by CJ Schmit.  So many crisp details greet the viewer in this shot, there is a lot to be discovered here for those who spend time taking it all in.

Old Fort Jackson – Mark Summerfield takes us to the oldest standing fort in Georgia where daily cannon shots are demonstrated by an authentic looking soldier.  Great details in the soldier work in conjunction with the settings to deliver a nostalgic look at a vignette from this storied place.

Friends – Barbara Youngleson’s painterly themed image of two old rusty cars sitting in a field is a colorful rendition of the scene she encountered.  The dramatic winters found in Colorado have spent years shaping and forming the display that Barbara has so wonderfully captured to share here with everyone.

Castle of Romance – an old stone castle sitting on the shores of Loch Awe in Scotland comes to life in this breathtaking piece by Kenny Barker.  The dramatic presence the ruins of the castle creates on the landscape adds artistic tension to the beautiful natural landscapes found in this spot in the world.

New interpretation of an old negative – David Lockwood takes a scan from an old negative and takes it into the digital darkroom where he creates a black-and-white image full of raw drama and intrigue.  The rich textures in the old tree work with the details in the surrounding landscape in this piece to truly deliver a special image.

Rural landscapes: epic in the prairies – the incredible Canadian prairies sit underneath the commanding presence of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Frank King explores this juxtaposition of dramatic natural elements against the rich character and spirit found in Canadian farms.

2013 Kool Deadwood Nites Car Show Images – a wonderful collection of car themed photographs is presented here by Dakota Visions Photography, all captured at the car show in South Dakota.  Fabulous colors and details are explored in this short series that takes a look at some of the character and nostalgia found at these classic shows.

Sunrise on a Scottish golf course – Jim Nix discusses the nuances of a visit to a Scottish mansion in a wooded estate by sharing a picture of a morning sunrise over a golf course.  The incredible colors found naturally in the landscape are just breathtaking here, making for a must-see shot in this week’s list.

Monsoon Lightning – an epic battle between sky and ground is fought by incredible bolts of lightning that light up the dramatic storm cell that creates them.  Chris Frailey’s shot captured at the height of the storm features a great palette of colors and details, showcasing the power of nature that surrounds us.

Young Fella – Jay Taylor captures a juvenile bald eagle in flight as it circles above a group of herons feeding on the shores below.  Wonderful details in the bird in both it’s feathers and face do a great job of showing off the dramatic beauty these birds possess.

1-IMG_4170 by winnu, on Flickr

Abandoned church in Italy – an abandoned church in Italy is captured and shared in this post taken inside the church.  Wonderful dramatic light is streaming in from frame left, highlighting the rich details and textures left behind by years of natural weathering.

Goose At Grey Cloud – this shot from the studio of Jim Denham takes on a monochromatic feel, focusing on the primary color band of magenta.  As the semi-still waters circulate, a lone Canadian goose floats by adding a great organic element to the inherent natural beauty of the surroundings.


Sony Officially Debuts Two Revolutionary Lens-Style Cameras for your Smartphone – an absolutely unique approach to delivering an entirely new segment of camera products has been revealed officially by Sony.  Rumors and discussions have been rampant in the photog world the last few weeks as leaks have shared just enough to peak everyones interest.  These lens-style cameras could have a bit of a disruptive effect in the marketplace.

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