11 High Speed Splash Photos

Ok, so that’s probably not the best title we’ve ever come up with, but hopefully this collection makes up for that. These are high speed shots of objects making a splash in liquid. Now that might not sound terribly exciting but the results are quite interesting. Moreover, this is the type of thing you can do at home with your camera when you can’t think of other topics to shoot. We hope you enjoy.

Photo by 96dpi

Splash (5)
Photo by MyNameHere

Blue Has Many Faces
Photo by Cesar R

Royal Splash
Photo by Ecstaticist

Another Crown
Photo by Ahmed

Photo by Placbo

Photo by 96dpi

one moment
Photo by AntoninoDattola

Splash 1
Photo by AMagill

DIY RIG for highspeed photo-10
Photo by Thor-Erik Rødland

Photo by NSAPlayer

Tutorials on High Speed Splash Photography

  • How to Photograph as Splash of Water – a great little video that takes you through the entire process of photographing a drop of water. Easy to understand and well worth a watch.
  • Splish Splash Redux – a detailed article on how to take high speed shots of water drops.
  • Water Splash Photography – a group on Flickr that is worth checking out if you want to see what is achievable with these techniques.


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