21 Majestic Photographs Of Waves That Show The Beauty Of Mighty Oceans


When at the beach or seaside, it is impossible to not capture photographs of the waters, especially the waves photos. Waves come in all shapes and sizes depending on the location and the season – sometimes calm waters and other times rough. Based on the scenario, there are various ways in which waves can be photographed.

From wide-angle photographs to closeups and freezing action to slowing down exposures, waves are incredible subjects that can be creatively photographed. Besides, changing perspectives like low angle, a higher perspective, aerial, etc., the beauty of waves can be captured in many ways. Here are 21 majestic photographs of waves that show the beauty of the mighty oceans.

In order to capture stunning and compelling photographs of waves, the composition is very important. You need to go beyond the rule of thirds and use various other guidelines to capture effective photographs. The “Advanced Composition” Guide by Photzy will help you to create visually stunning images to express your creative vision and captivate any audience.

slow motion waves photos
Photo by Nick Fisher
beach waves photos
Photo by Photoholgic
splash waves
Photo by Jeremy Bishop
dark waves
Photo by Josh Withers
Photo by Bradley Hook
dark blue waves
Photo by Aviv Ben Or

Professional photographers use compositional tricks and techniques in their work to capture works of art through their photography. If you wish to move from being an amateur hobbyist to a capable artist, then we recommend you to check out this “Advanced Composition” ebook by Photzy that is a step-by-step practical guide packed with training that includes assignments, key lessons, and self-check quizzes.

waves photos vertical
Photo by Zoe
icy waters
Photo by Glen Hooper
beach long exposure
Photo by Kevin Wong
curly waves
Photo by Mark Harpur

Learning photography and especially the composition part can be fun when it comes to practical lessons and easy-to-understand examples and illustrations. If you wish to improve your compositional skills and grow as a photographer who can create powerful photographs, then this ebook “Advanced Composition” by Photzy is the best to start with. It covers 47 ways to move beyond the rule of thirds, techniques award-winning photographs use, essential skills for advanced photography, techniques for perfect timing, pre-visualization, 43+ compositional strategies, 38 assignments, and many more.

high speed wave photograph
Photo by Silas Baisch
misty silky waters
Photo by Andrew Riojas
wave splashing against the rock
Photo by Jeremy Bezanger
waves from above
Photo by Yuriy

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