9 Surreal Photos of Spiders’ Webs

The great thing about photography is that a good photographer can turn almost any object into a thing of beauty. While most people are keen to clear away old spiders webs from their home or garden, this collection of photos of spiders’ webs shows that even common things can be beautiful. This collection is especially great as these clever photographers have largely used extra help from light rain, dew and ice. Combined with a narrow depth of field, these photos turned out especially well. Check out our tutorial links at the end of the post on depth of field so you can try this yourself.

Drip Drops and the Spider Web
Photo by Bitzcelt
Photo by Luc Viatour
Jack frosts handiwork
Photo by Grytr
Let's Get Green! Please take a moment to read...
Photo by Ecstaticist

Photo by MR+G
String of pearls
Photo by James Jordan
Kleine Spinnerei
Photo by Lautergold
Lucy In Her Web With Diamonds
Photo by RobW
Spider's Jewelry
Photo by Pil

Depth of Field Resources

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  • Linda McRae says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Jason Collin says:

    Great collection of images. I would really like to make one like this if I have the opportunity in the future. Went to the flickr shots and faved some of them.

  • Incredible! Very beautiful photos!

  • TheDarkEngine says:

    Very lovely photos, but I don't see how they can be said to be 'surreal.'

  • LT says:

    Really stunning

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