Wedding Photographer with Asthma Gets COVID-19 from Infected Groom That Hid His Positive Diagnosis


Truly, wedding photographers probably deal with more garbage than most of us could ever imagine.

Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna from Pexels.

And today’s story absolutely takes the cake.

Normally, an ambivalent and cool approach is what we like to take here with our news articles, but when you endanger others for no other reason than your own selfish motives, we’ve got issues.

Sometimes you have to pass judgement, and this author is doing so here.

A family in Texas contracted a wedding photographer for their event – standard operating procedure so far – but, on the day of the wedding, a guest revealed to the photographer that the groom tested positive for COVID-19 the day before.

In fact, the guest thanked the photographer for coming despite all that is “going on with the groom.” You know, like receiving a positive diagnosis for a virus that has killed millions.

The photographer, who has a preexisting condition (asthma), and her assistant promptly left the venue. This behavior was called “unprofessional” by some so-called wedding planner.

FStoppers reports that the photographer told a bridesmaid at the wedding, “I have children. What if my children die?”

“I understand, but this is her wedding day,” this person responded. The bridesmaid that told her of the positive diagnosis cried and said that she was the “worst bridesmaid ever.”

After informing the couple of her positive diagnosis, they showed no concern for her in the least. They also, naturally, didn’t offer any kind of compensation. It would be interesting to see what a lawyer thought about the above situation, but that’s out of our realm. If you have insights into that, please tell us in the comments.

You can check out the original story in Texas Monthly.

What do you think of the groom’s non-disclosure of his positive COVID-19 test? How about the wedding planner calling the photographer’s behavior “unprofessional” for leaving the gig once she learned of the groom’s diagnosis? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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Assuming the photographer had to self-isolate following this gig and therefore lost earning, there might well be a case to make a claim against the offending groom, I’d certainly look into it. Calling the photographer unprofessional is in itself unprofessional, the wedding planner needs a talking to. Me, I’d have likely given the groom a slap, but then I can be a little unprofessional.

Morally, I believe that the photographer did the right thing. Legally? I cannot say and that’s perhaps how lawyers make their money, eh?

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