Wedding Photographers Don’t Spend A Lot of Time Actually Taking Pictures, Survey Reveals


Wedding photography is one of the most stressful jobs out there, and it turns out it has nothing to do with actual photography.

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Photo by Милана Кушнирович from Pexels.

At least that’s what the results of a recent survey by Your Perfect Wedding Photography based in the UK. Some 300 pro wedding photographers answered the survey and the findings are an insight into one of the most common facets of our field but also one of its most complex and complicated.

Not all of us like working with people, but it’s pretty much a prerequisite for successful wedding photography – and that’s exactly what the survey shows.

The results show that business administration and communication take some 25% of a photographer’s time (18% and 7%, respectively).

That includes customer service (always fun) and managing client expectations, among other things. Only 4% of a wedding photographer’s time is spent on the actual taking of the photos themselves with 11% going towards culling the collection and a whopping 55% of the time spent on editing them.

What kind of payout can people expect for this kind of work?

About $USD 2,000 and 59% of wedding photographers list these prices on their website or in some other kind of marketing material.

As far as the popular camera brands among wedding photographers, 40% go with Canon, 31% with Nikon, 22% go with Sony, and 7% with Fuji makes.

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I worked as a wedding photographer for eight years. These numbers do not surprise me at all. I also worked as a commercial photographer for over 25 years. I used to tell people that I spent about 80% of my time looking for work and the other 20% actually shooting pictures. And believe it or not, I was really doing well as judged against my peers.

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