We’re Still Making Cameras! Olympus Refutes Online Rumors of Imminent Division Closure


We reported a little while back that there were some rumors circulating around the Internet that famed camera manufacturer Olympus was getting out of the market for good.

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Well, not only did it stir some passions here for the storied brand, but it also got Olympus’ attention and they’ve responded to the collective worry that they are about to leave the space behind in 2020.

Basically, they say that reports of their imminent closure of the camera division have no merit.

Or do they? When asked by the media to provide a comment on the recent rumors, Olympus not only denied that they were closing their camera division but also said that they would never consider such a move given how important their imaging division is for their medical products.

Those of us that can read between the lines have noticed that this does not mean that the company will continue to make consumer cameras forever.

In fact, rationality would dictate that the opposite is likely true given that forever is a long time to be in a business with shrinking margins and cut-throat competition.

In a statement to Photo Focus, the company said that, “Olympus Imaging products play an important role as technology drivers for all Olympus business lines, including the advanced digital technologies used in Olympus’ Medical, Industrial and Scientific businesses. Olympus does indeed plan to continue to develop its imaging product lines, bringing products to life that embody Olympus’ core benefits, including system compactness and superior lens optics.”

Where consumer-grade cameras would fit in with a strategy of optimizing and focusing on their profitable medical imaging division remains to be seen.

If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them in the comments below.

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