Winter Inspiration: 32 Awe Inspiring Photographs of Snow Covered Mountains (And How to Shoot Them Yourself)

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While it can be tempting to stay at home in the winter in front of a warm fire, any outdoor photographer worth their salt realises they are missing a golden opportunity by doing so. Snow covered mountains are just one of the many amazing subjects you could be out shooting! We think these photographers show a good cross-section of what can be done with these amazing landscapes. Check out the resources at the end of the article for how to get results like this for yourself.

Large Format Study N. 19 by rachel_thecat, on Flickr
milford sound by paul bica

, on Flickr
The Mountain by papalars, on Flickr
Large Format Study N. 22 by rachel_thecat, on Flickr
Neu i vent a La Mola / Snow and wind in La Mola by SBA73, on Flickr
My favourite light by angelocesare, on Flickr
Windblown by Zach Dischner, on Flickr
Mount Robson Twilight by Jeff Pang, on Flickr
Mountain by L.Cheryl *Away (Travel)*, on Flickr
southern alps by paul bica, on Flickr
Large Format Study N. 64 by rachel_thecat, on Flickr
Chugach Range Mountains, Christmas Eve, viewed from the 4th floor Pioneer's Home, Anchorage, Alaska, USA by Wonderlane, on Flickr
obscured by clouds by vsz, on Flickr
Soar by Rising Damp, on Flickr
Another view from the Pizol by Tambako the Jaguar, on Flickr
The Alps seen from where I live by Tambako the Jaguar, on Flickr
Blue Sky Windmill by Zach Dischner, on Flickr
Night is Moving in by Zach Dischner, on Flickr
River of clouds by ragnar1984, on Flickr
Southern Alps by Corey Leopold, on Flickr
From Mountain to Sea by mendhak, on Flickr
the time between by eye of einstein, on Flickr
Hohe Munde by mario.brecher, on Flickr
Luminous cloud on the mountain by photophilde, on Flickr
The Big Rock Candy Mountain by Hasna Lahmini, on Flickr
Winter Fishing on Lake McDonald by GlacierNPS, on Flickr
Red and clouds by angelocesare, on Flickr
Moon at Dawn by Kamal H., on Flickr
DeerValley by josephdepalma, on Flickr
Alpenglow on Lake McDonald by GlacierNPS, on Flickr
Swiss alp — View from Jungfraujoch (11,332 ft) by BurgTender, on Flickr
The Denali road leading toward snow covered mountains by Alaskan Dude, on Flickr

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