Woman’s Fake Backyard Hike Goes Viral After Sister Shames Her for Lie on Instagram


We’ve brought you a lot of stories about people doing pretty stupid things for an Instagram post.

Ben Maxwell from Pexels.

But one of the most harmless, though inherently comical, situations is when someone lies on Instagram to somehow give their audience a false impression of themselves.

If anything, these situations point out how it probably pays to be “authentic” on the service or risk getting called out by someone – even your own sister. One woman’s “hiking selfie,” complete with outfit and water bottle, has gone viral since being exposed by her sister as being taken in the backyard.

Casey Sosnowski probably didn’t expect for her post and story to go viral, but once her sister called her out for being full of it, the story took on a life of its own. Sosnowski wrote on the backyard post taken in front of some trees, “Nature is the ultimate healer to all our problems.”

Only to be called out immediately by her sister with, “My sister said she was hiking… This is our backyard.” Of course, that prompted Sosnowski to eventually update the caption underneath her Instagram to: “Did I go hiking? No. Is this my backyard?…… Maybe.” After the story started gaining some traction, Sosnowski told the media, “I thought it was funny. I'm a pretty chill person overall so it didn't bother me, and then it blew up and I was like, ‘Whoa.’…It just goes to show that not everyone's life is as perfect as it seems on Instagram.”

You can check out her post by clicking here.

That’s probably why the story went viral because, if there is one thing we love, it is seeing how manufactured and fake everything on Instagram can sometimes seem. Still, good on Sosnowski for taking it all in stride. Most of us would be wicked embarrassed – or not so bold in the first place.

What do you think? Does Instagram have an authenticity problem? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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