Xiaomi Launches Gimbal for Smartphones


Xiaomi, known worldwide for their gadgets and electronic accessories, recently launched a new gimbal specifically designed for smartphones in a bid to expand their foothold in the growing smartphone accessories market.

Meet the Xiaomi Mijia, a gimbal system compatible with most smartphone headsets especially those manufactured by Xiaomi. You might not be aware of this, but Xiaomi has a whole range of accessories and devices that are compatible with each other as well as a range of apps, tablets, and computers to accompany their smartphones.

Image via Xiaomi.

The fourth largest maker of smartphones in the world, Xiaomi’s embrace of accessories distinguishes it from other makers like Apple and Samsung who largely rely on third-parties to make accessories for their phones. But, luckily for us, the Xiaomi Mija gimbal is compatible with those devices.

A three-axis gimbal, the Mijia comes in at just under $USD 100, making it a super affordable option. You might be familiar with the Mijia sub-brand if you are an action camera fanatic – Xiaomi already manufactures a version of the Mijia for action cameras like the GoPro. The company simply transplanted that device to the smartphone category. The Mijia can hold phones approaching 200 g in weight and with width measurements of 86 mm or below. A built-in unit battery at 5000 mAH can last up to 16 hours according to the company. An additional feature of the gimbal and its battery is its ability to charge your phone though, as Camera Jabber notes, this will impact your unit’s battery life.

Of course there will be a companion app to help you take full advantage of the Mija’s feature set. Xiaomi hasn’t announced a launch date for the product yet but you can expect to hit store shelves pretty soon if past company history indicates future behavior. After all, why announce a product if you’re not going to capitalize on its marketing buzz?

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