Yashica’s Latest Kickstarter Project Succeeds


Just in case you forgot: Yashica’s back and they’re raising money on Kickstarter again.

And their latest campaign seems to be fully funded already.

So, a hearty congratulations to them?

yashica film
Image via Yashica.

If you’ll recall, last year Yashica finally released their long-awaited digiFilm Kickstarter product.

It got less-than-enthusiastic reviews.

Actually, the reviews for it were downright terrible.

From complaints about build quality to the overall rollout of the product to stores first instead of backers, it was anything but a smooth launch.

The latest Kickstarter project involves both camera models and the return of physical film.

The original goal was $USD 12,741 and they have raised $USD 14,995 as of press with 20 days left on the timer.

Other than a return to film, this Yashica Kickstarter will also resurrect the classic design found in Yashica’s models from yesterday.

The only question is whether they will be of the same build quality or more like the digiFilm project.

As for why the company chose Kickstarter again, they wrote on the project’s page: “The technology of MF-1 is mature and ready to be released. However, a minimum quantity has to be met to realise the production. In order to realise our [Premiere] of YASHICA Absolute and bring out the best version of YASHICA’s cameras, your support and contribution are crucial and will be highly valued, as well as your constructive comments and feedback for constant improvement.”

If you’d like to check out the Kickstarter project you can do that here.

Of course, as always, we’d like to know your thoughts.

Did you back the digiFilm project? Will you back this one?

Better yet, did you happen to get one of the digiFilm cameras?

Let us know your story in the comments section below.

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