This is Why Yosemite is a Photographer’s Nirvana

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For over a century California's Yosemite Park has been a destination for families and everyone who enjoys the outdoors.  With over 750,000 acres of stunning beauty, it doesn't matter what time of year you are there, everything is beautiful.  Enjoy these 26 photos of Yosemite and see what it's a top destination for photographers.

Yosemite Moon Mountain

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Photo by Soller Photo

Half Dome reflection

Photo by stevewhis

Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park (#14)

Photo by Christopher Chan

Yosemite Fall Colors in Winter

Photo by wbirt1

Halfdome early morning

Photo by Daleberts

Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park (#2)

Photo by Christopher Chan

The Creation | El Capitan, Yosemite

Photo by Aypho

Ode to Ansel Adams

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Cub with Mama Bear in Yosemite

Photo by tfdavis

alameda creek

Photo by Lee Otis

El Capitan and The Three Brothers

Photo by Mohan S

Yosemite - Valley View

Photo by Steve L


Photo by SlapBcn

The beautiful valley

Photo by satosphere

Photo by ryan jay?

Photo by Steve Corey

Do You Know the Way to the Milky Way

Photoby ohad*

Yosemite Falls Moonbow

Photo by satosphere

Tioga Lake Sunrise

Photo by AGrinberg

Yosemite : Lake curves

Photo by tibchris

Tree Wraiths

Photo by Cocoabiscuit

Yosemite Falls

Photo by Talke Photography

Yosemite : Tioga pass bend

Photo by tibchris

Lime Kiln Point Sunset

Photo by FunnyFence

El Capitan

Photo by Swiv

The Merced River reflecting Autumn, Yosemite

Photo by dj @ oxherder arts

1060412 westside sunset SJI

Photo by FunnyFence

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