You Can Now Buy Your Own Apple Product Repair Kits


The right-to-repair debate just scored a huge win as Apple released their consumer-ready kits that will enable users to repair devices purchased from the company without having to use Cupertino’s official channels.

space black case Apple Watch, silver MacBook Pro, jet black iPhone 7 Plus, and silver iMac with corresponding boxes
Photo by Julian O'hayon

Whether or not this trend starts to spread to other electronic devices remains to be seen, but it is a huge step forward for consumer rights from many angles.

Apple’s press release on the matter outlines how the company stands behind their products but also vaguely supports the notion of people repairing their own stuff or taking it to a third-party vendor to do it for them. That said, no one is acting like any of this is easy and we’re sure Apple isn’t going to change its notoriously complex design to make it that way.

Apple’s chief operating officer Jeff Williams said of the move, “Creating greater access to Apple genuine parts gives our customers even more choice if a repair is needed. In the past three years, Apple has nearly doubled the number of service locations with access to Apple genuine parts, tools, and training, and now we’re providing an option for those who wish to complete their own repairs.”

The blog post also details the robust growth Apple’s independent repair program since its inception in 2019, encompassing 2,800 independent repair shops across 200 countries.

Of course, with right-to-repair legislation just around the corner, all of this could be part of a proactive set of moves on Apple’s part to head off any sort of “system shock” that new legislation might bring.

And there seems to be one thing missing from all of this: Even if you can repair your own Apple stuff, you can’t prevent the company from basically forcing it into obsolescence. That iPhone 6S might get renewed life, but it will be only be relevant for so long.

What do you think of Apple’s new repair kits? Would you be interested in repairing your own gear? Let us know your thoughts on the right-to-repair argument in the comments section below.

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