Z7 Joins Growing List of “Old Products” at Nikon


We always hate to bring these kinds of stories to you.

Nikon Z7 from Nikon.

And, over the past two years, they seem to be more common than not.

But it looks like another Nikon model is joining the hall legends as the Z7 officially joins the dreaded “Old Product” list that typically signifies a model line reaching its end.

The news was first spotted by Nikon Rumors (of course) and, ever reliable, they’ve backed everything up with the usual list of evidence: Re-listing the product on the Japanese Nikon website plus rumors and hints in the weeks leading up to now that suggested the Z7 was on the chopping block.

It is worth noting that the Z7 isn’t yet on the “discontinued” list of products. Further, websites in the United States still list the product as available, Nikon Rumors reports. While looking into the Z7 situation, the website also discovered that a raft of “Z6 configurations are also listed as discontinued.”

One of the significant news stories we covered over the past few months was Nikon’s cancellation of their DSLR cameras. This followed drip-feed news reports of model lines canceled which seemed to indicate a shift in direction for Nikon when it comes to consumer-grade cameras.

Nikon isn’t the only one getting rid of products; Sony is joining them in slimming down their camera offerings. When you couple this with rising prices across the industry – especially with lenses – and it definitely gives off the vibe that consumers are going into a future with fewer choices than before when it comes to cameras and accessories. And that’s not even discussing the delay of new products like the Z9 which is currently slated to arrive this October after a long delay.

As usual, we’d love to hear your fond memories of the Z7 in the comments below.

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Like you said Sony and I are sure canon is doing the same thing. It would be interesting to compare what Sony and canon are doing as far as numbers, etc. From what I have seen the lenses are mostly DX or older generation lenses and not the current f-mount ones.

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