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Discover how to take exceptional photographs of the night sky with our Milky Way Magic Toolkit!

The most comprehensive digital toolset for Milky Way photography.

What is the Milky Way Magic Toolkit? This is a total system for powerful night sky photographs.

When talking to photographers about night sky photography, one consistent question repeatedly comes up...

How do I get the night sky and Milky Way images that I see in magazines?

You see, it's easy enough to go out and take a photo at night and you can probably even get a few stars to show up. 

But taking those detailed Milky Way images where you can see the core of the Milky Way as well as the swirling mass of stars and galaxies that make those powerful images - well, that can be quite elusive for even very talented photographers.

What we wanted to do was to produce a whole process by which anyone could build an image from setup all the way through to post-production to attain those gorgeous Milky Way photographs that you see in magazines and documentaries.

Once you have used our guides and formulas and taken the effort to shoot great photos at night, you can move on to give them the powerful finishing touches they deserve in post production...

You're ready for a total shooting solution for your night sky photography, so we have developed The Milky Way Toolkit just for you. This Light Stalking toolkit includes a shooting guide and 12 specific shooting case studies as well as 60 Lightroom presets and 25 brushes that we developed in-house specifically to enhance night sky and Milky Way shots.

What's Included in the Milky Way Magic Toolkit?

Everything you need to conceive, shoot and edit a powerful image of the night sky!

1 Shooting


12 Photo






1.  Learn how to shoot the Milky Way like a pro!

Even if you're an amateur photographer, you will enjoy our comprehensive 12-step guide that covers technical details of shooting the night sky as well!

2.  Follow these exact Photo Formulas to emulate these amazing case studies

These 12 "Photo Formulas" give you exact steps that were taken using the Milky Way Lightroom Toolkit to take 12 good photos to great photos. Follow along.

3. Use the Lightroom Presets to get a look that pops!

Use one of your 60 Milky Way presets in Lightroom to find the look you want and make your images pop.

4. Finish off each part of the image with your Lightroom Brushes

Use one of your 25 Milky Way Brushes to adjust specific parts of your image to really finish it off perfectly.

What Can the Milky Way Magic Lightroom Tools do?

Let's look at some of the presets and brushes in action!

What You're Getting Today

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60 Presets + 25 Brushes + Photo Formula Guide (12 Formulas) + Milky Way Shooting Guide


  • 25 Premium Lightroom Brushes
  • 60 Premium Milky Way Lightroom Presets
  • Formulas Meaning You Can Follow Along and Learn from Examples
  • Shooting Guide So You Can Get Great Milky Way Shots
  • Instant Download


  • Lightroom 4-6
  • Lightroom CC
  • Lightroom Classic CC
  • Full Email Support
  • Community support in our forums

Additional Info

  • Works With Mac And Pc Users
  • Works With Raw And JPEG Photos
  • Easy To Follow Guides
  • Installation Guide for Presets and Brushes
  • Full Email Support

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Milky Way Toolkit

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Milky Way Magic Toolkit

Get our amazing Milky Way Magic Lightroom Toolkit and make your photo editing routine quicker, smoother and enjoyably!



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