Pull that extra bit of punch out of your beautiful Autumn color photographs.

Bring out those gorgeous yellows with the "Yellow Glory" preset.

Add punch and enhance the green and warm yellows with a single click.

I purchased [Light Stalking's Pop Pack] yesterday and I love them. Instantly gave life to my photos with just a click of a button. Perfect for me as I am very time poor.

Katie Johnston

See The Autumn Pack in Action:

Is the preset too strong or too weak for your tastes? No problems! When you buy the Autumn Colours presets collection, we will show you how to easily adjust the strength of each preset.

Why Presets by Light Stalking?

Presetify is a project by we folks at Light Stalking. We have been mentioned everywhere from National Geographic to Digital Photo Magazine and even by Lightroom themselves. Here's what we have for you.

  • Only Premium Presets

    You can probably find “mass” packs of presets on other sites. We don't do that. We offer only premium quality presets created for specific shooting situations that we stand behind and use for our own shooting.

  • No Pretending

    We don't pretend, like many do, that presets are a one-click solve all. They are a good starting point for your creativity and we strongly encourage you to add your own flair to the starting styles that you get from our presets. It's about your own style, not ours.

  • We Stand By Our Work

    We offer a full life time money-back guarantee. That means if you are unhappy with your presets for any reason at any time, we will refund you. You won't find many presets makers who will do that.

Let's Take a Look at a Few Examples

These presets are designed specifically with outdoor shooting in mind and concentrate predominantly on enhancing the warmer colours in the spectrum. While a lot tend to take the "punch up" approach to enhancing those colors, there are also some presets that will desaturate and tone down colours for those older style film looks.

I have [the Pop Pack] and they are fantastic ...... well worth the money indeed

James Coughlin

Grab Our Autumn Colours Presets!

The Autumn Colours Preset Pack


We have names each preset logically so that you can easily choose a preset that suits the style of the photograph you are working on.


  • Autumn Pop +
  • Autumn Pop ++
  • Burnt Intensity
  • Cooling With Pop
  • Intense Green and Yellows
  • Intensify with Vignette

  • OTT
  • Pop and Sharpen
  • Pop and Sharpen with Blue Shadows
  • Pop with Sky
  • Shadow Saver
  • Tone Curve Punch
  • Warm and Saturated Haze
  • Warm Split Tone
  • Washout Weak
  • Washout With Detail and Vignette
  • Yellow Glory
  • Yellow Greens With Vignette

Frequently Asked Questions...

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  • q-iconWhen Do I Get My Presets?

    Straight after buying the premium pack, you will get a download link which we will also send to your email.

  • q-iconWhat Version of Lightroom Do I Need?

    Our preset work with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC

  • q-iconDo These Presets Work With Photoshop?

    No. They are specifically for Adobe Lightroom. At this stage we do not offer any addons for Photoshop, but this will probably change in the future so check back!

  • q-iconWhat If I Don't Like The Presets?

    Simply contact us for a full and immediate refund. We are that confident that you will love our presets.

  • q-iconWhat's Light Stalking?

    Light Stalking is our main site. It is one of the most popular photography sites online and has been mentioned by a lot of heavy hitters in the photography industry including Adobe themselves.

  • q-iconHow Do I Install Lightroom Presets?

    Our preset packs come with full written and video instructions so you won't have any problems. It will only take a few seconds for you to get up and running.

Light Stalking's Guarantee


If at any time you are for any reason unhappy with your presets or service, just drop us an email and we will give you a 100% of your money back. Forever.

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No problems at all, they installed quickly and are very impressive. Thank you!

Jean Bailey, Photographer

They are awesome...thanks to Jason and to you for all those creative energetic impulses.

Stephen Campbell, Photographer
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