Check Out These Resources On Monochrome Photography

Monochrome photography is a type of photography that uses variations of a single colour in terms of tints, tones and shades. There are also times when differing amounts of light illuminates a scene at certain times of the day, making the scene look monochrome. In general, whether it is the light used or the colours in the scene or frame itself, any type of photography that uses different tones of a single colour in the image is Monochrome photography.

21 Captivating Black And White Photographs That Accentuate Patterns

Black and white photography is an art form where the photographer uses different shades of grey to capture compelling photographs. In order for the black and white images to work, one needs to pay attention to the tonal range and hence will need to be wise when choosing the right scene and light conditions for perfect black and white photographs.
Here are 21 captivating black and white photographs that help accentuate the patterns in the frame.