Lightroom Presets by Light Stalking

LightStalking builds beautiful and elegant Adobe Lightroom presets that give you the control that you need over your final photographs. Save time and create images with grace and style.

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We Stand Behind Our Premium Presets

All of our Lightroom presets come with a 100% Lifetime money back guarantee. We will work with you to get them up and running if there are any problems We promise you will love our presets! Any problems, contact us at [email protected]

Adobe Lightroom Presets FAQs

Do the presets work on Adobe Lightroom for both MAC and PC?

Yes they do.

How do I install my new preset collection?

Firstly, click on the download link in the email. Soon after clicking, your .zip preset collection file will begin downloading in your browser and find its way into the top of your computer’s ‘downloads’ folder.
Move this .zip file to where you’d prefer and extract the contents of the file…these are your individual preset files.

After loading Lightroom, right click within the presets folder and give the folder a name which matches your new preset collection. Then, right-click on that folder you just created and select “import”.
Choose the location of where your extracted presets are and highlight the whole collection and select these files to “import”.

You’re good to go.

Once subscribed, what comes with each downloadable preset file?

Each preset collection pack downloaded contains a zip file containing the individual presets.

I have the Creative Cloud. Will these presets work?

Yes, they’ll certainly work with your Lightroom platform.

Do your presets work in Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 and the Creative Cloud?

Yes they do, earlier versions such as Lightroom 3 may deliver differing results, therefore it’s not recommended you use this version.

How do I apply a Lightroom preset to one of my images?

Firstly, ensure you are in the “Develop” module (to the right of Library) Then, select the image you’d like to work on and once it appears in the preview window, simply select the preset in the left panel. Done. You’ve just added some awesome effects.

Can I adjust your presets in Lightroom?

Yes. All presets can be adjusted in Lightroom, so if you want to tone down the image or ramp it up, give it a shot!

Can I purchase your presets somewhere else?

Our exclusive presets can only be purchased at Light Stalking or you can subscribe here for weekly presets sent to your inbox!

Will you refund if I am not satisfied?

As with everything we do at Light Stalking, everything comes with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee meaning there is no risk to your purchase.

Am I allowed to distribute or share your presets?

No. This are for individual use only, thanks for asking.