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Improving your photos in the darkroom and on the desktop.

5 Ways to Make Your Photos Pop


When you look at your photographs, do you feel that they lack punch and don’t pop enough? A lot of us do. The photographs that come straight out of the camera are often quite dull and require additional steps to make them look compelling. These steps can range from changing the default picture settings on […]

5 Useful Freebies to Help You Create Better Photographs


Looking for a fast way to start creating stunning photographs? Producing great images, broadly speaking, consists of two stages- taking the best possible shot in-camera, and then utilizing the power of post-processing to take it to a whole different level. We have put together a collection of 5 useful freebies to help you with that. […]

The Most Important Steps In Digital Photography


This is a fact that you may, or may not, be aware of- At this point in time, a digital photograph “REQUIRES” a number of Fundamental Editing Steps to become the gorgeous photograph that you intended it to be. The Fundamental Editing List, discussed in this article, includes the most important steps in digital photography. […]